Interior Design, decoration and architecture studio in Barcelona.

Molins Design is a studio located in the city of Barcelona, with a recognized experience of more than 35 years in architecture, commercial and domestic interior design, decoration and product design.

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Molins philosophy is based on the search for excellence and quality of all our services, always offering an exclusive and personalized design for each project.

Molins is formed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals who are passionate about design. We approach each project in a global and customized way, solving the challenges that each space presents, to transform it in an integral way and meet the requirements of each client.

We are characterized by a restless spirit that keeps us in a constant search for innovation and knowledge of the latest developments in the sector, being present in the major interior design and interior decoration events that take place throughout Europe.


Molins was launched in 1979 by Toni and Juan Molins. Soon it takes place as one of the most recognized interior design and decoration studio of Barcelona.

At that time, where the studio and the Molins headquarters are actually located, a pioneer and innovative Showroom was located, being on that time one of the first places of this typology in the city.

It is in 2005 when Molins Interiors becomes a broader concept, becoming an architecture, commercial and domestic interior design and decoration studio. Thanks in large part to the accumulated experience and the incorporation of new members specialized in architecture and interior design.

Already in 2018, as a result of a natural evolution in the expansion of the services offered by the studio, Molins Interiors changed its naming to Molins Design, incorporating the Molins family the product design department.

So, currently Molins Design is a studio of architecture, domestic and commercial interior design, decoration and product design, becoming a nationwide reference.


We create living spaces where elegance, timelessness, comfort and care for detail go together, providing the latest technological developments in the sector. Our methodology allows us a close contact with the client, adapting to their needs and agreeing each stage to achieve a satisfactory result.