12 fall home decorating trends


We welcome a new season full of colors, precious and comfortable objects. Do you know the latest trends in fall home decor? Find out what ideas are on trend to give your home a new look.

The arrival of autumn floods our homes with new materials, new textures and colors. If you think it is the right time to turn your home decoration around and turn your living space into something much more comfortable and stylish… Stay tuned! From Molins Design we list the 12 trends in fall home decor. That is, the tips and tricks that will help you to leave your home in the latest fashion.

The autumn decoration that we are going to talk about next mixes known trends with other new, much more daring ones, which intend to consolidate strongly during this winter. Do you want to know them?

Take note of our tips to get a fall decor that matches your lifestyle and home.

1. Lanterns and candles

Outdoor spaces will continue to be a trend, even in the cooler times of the year. Especially for those who have bioclimatic pergolas or gardens adapted to inclement weather.

In this case, we recommend decorating the terrace with candles, lanterns or strings of lights. These light accessories will allow you to enjoy the autumn evenings outdoors, in addition to having a pleasant and cozy atmosphere, which will help you reconnect with nature.

2. Decorative elements in gold

The explosion of colors is one of the latest trends in fall home decor. This year we will continue to maintain the neutral colors that transmit so much peace and comfort to our home. In this way, white, gray and brown tones will flood our rooms to turn them into spaces where we feel at ease and more secure.

But, unlike other years, this fall season we will need an extra touch of color in our homes. Therefore, earthy, mustard or green colors will be combined with neutral tones to achieve environments where optimism and joy reign.

Undoubtedly, gold will be the trendy colors for this fall. A tone that you can combine in decorative objects of such importance as sofas, armchairs or table linen.

3. Round mirrors

Round mirrors in golden metal, rattan or wicker are trendy. These decorative accessories give the rooms more dynamism, standing out perfectly in bathrooms or hallways.

If you are looking for an option to give more light to any room in your home, decorating it with a round mirror may be your best option. A complement that will undoubtedly help you create more spacious and functional spaces, as well as stylish.

If you do not want this element to steal the limelight from the rest of the decoration, it will be enough to choose a round mirror lined with natural fibers.

4. Natural fibers

Although related to the warmer seasons of the year, natural fibers will remain as one of the best trends in autumn home decor. Accompanied by wood and orange tones, natural fibers can create perfect autumnal complements or ornaments to combine in your living room or bedroom.

Different rugs, curtains and lamps made of wicker or bamboo will flood the decoration of the most stylish and comfortable homes of the moment. We assure you!

5. Geometric prints

During this fall, prints are also intensifying. The use of textiles in intense and exotic colors will be star elements of autumn home decor. Complements that, in turn, will combine with other decorations and designs, such as works of art or paintings with geometric motifs.

This year, geometry will play a fundamental role in interior design. It will help us to create curious visual effects, which will modify the proportions and dimensions of spaces. Or, in other words, a trend that will serve to stand out as the most interesting decoration of a room.

6. Cushions with reliefs

Embroidered cushions with relief will be the protagonist this fall. Handmade and manufactured with quality materials; these rest complements will be considered authentic artistic cushions, due to their shapes and textures.

When choosing the cushions for your sofa, look for the combination that best fits your style and comfort desires. The pattern, shape and even the color palette you choose should convey a pleasant and comfortable, yet aesthetically pleasing feel.

Tile or wool cushion covers in russet and the full range of browns add strength and warmth. In addition, they work perfectly whatever the color of the sofa.

Tendencias en decoración de otoño para casa - Molins Design
Tendencias en decoración de otoño para casa - Molins Design
Elementos de cerámica natural
Figuras en dorado
Muebles modulares en madera natural

7. Neutral color bases and powerful colors

The latest trend for fall home decorating is to know how to combine light colors, those that represent a more slowlife style, with more vibrant and energetic touches of color.

A romantic and decadent color palette, designed around oranges, reds and purples, can be a perfect choice to combine with soft surfaces in earth tones.

To finish off a warm and comfortable atmosphere at home, velvet or chenille textile complements in the same color palette can also be used. Decorative figures that return to the scene directly from the 70s, to offer a new nostalgic and luxurious appeal to our interior spaces.

8. Natural materials (stone, wood, brick, clay)

In addition to products made with rope, wicker or bamboo, there are many other natural materials that will help you to give vitality and personality to the decoration of your home.

Natural decoration is in fashion and materials such as stone, wood, brick or handmade ceramics bring warmth and balance while respecting our planet.

This fall, we should also give a chance to accessories made of fur, leather or burlap. These elements burst with force in upholstery, sofas and other rest elements to offer comfort and design to the most crowded rooms.

9. A touch of green with plants

The garden room or garden room is a trend in fall home decorating. Having plants at home will help you decorate the home and bring freshness, as well as refresh the atmosphere and purify the air.

Far from what you can imagine, you can think of placing plants in bedrooms, living room, kitchen or bathroom. The decoration with plants, as long as it is well chosen and combined with the rest of the decorative elements, will give life and bring the touch of color that you are looking for.

10. Modular furniture

Modular furniture become the kings of decoration for this fall season. This furniture works almost like a custom-made piece of furniture, designed and adjusted to perfection to the space of your home.

If you are one of those who like to change the decor of your home every season of the year, it is best to have modular furniture. Thanks to them you can create a wide variety of modules, in different heights, dimensions and widths, to assemble your final piece of furniture as if it were a puzzle. A comfortable, versatile and very economical option to change the decoration of your home without waiting time and optimizing the available space to the maximum.

11. Bouclé or sheepskin fabrics

A clear trend that has been going on for months and is still booming is the use of macramé fabrics, such as bouclé wool and velvet, although the latter is ribbed and worked. 

Widely known as curly fabric or sheepskin effect, bouclé wool or sheepskin becomes a very cozy material, which will be used as a key piece of lining for all types of upholstery: sofas, dining chairs, etc..

For those of you who do not know this material, we highlight a textile made from wool woven into loops of alpaca fiber, which are found in its strand, and which are responsible for its soft, warm and curly texture.

12. Sinuous and rounded lines

Leaving simplicity and right angles behind, this year sees the return of retro furniture typical of the 1970s. A minimalist style of curved lines, which adds in the home design pieces with geometric lines, totally symmetrical and golden finishes.

In fact, the curve has always been very present in the interior design, but in recent times is making way for a trend where the sinuous lines and rounded shapes take greater visibility. This trend can be found in the manufacture of curved and clear one-piece sofas, with low backrest and without legs. And even in rounded and soft-looking armchairs, which will become authentic protagonist pieces in any self-respecting home.

Tendencias en decoración de otoño para casa - Molins Design
Tendencias en decoración de otoño para casa - Molins Design
Líneas curvas y deco con plantas
Tejidos lana bouclé
Decoración con espejos redondos