3 interior design tips to share more at home


At the moment of starting an interior design project in our home, we must be clear about some aspects that will determine the proposal. However, one of the most important is knowing how to adapt spaces to our lifestyle.

To determine them, it is important to think in some key points such as the number of family members, their ages and routines, whether it is a first or second residence, professions of those who live in the home, etc.

It can also happen that for reasons of personality we like to share and frequent the common areas, or that you have so many friends that your house seems more an embassy, ​​we all know someone like that.

If you have recognized yourself in any of these characteristics these useful and easily applicable interior design tips interest you.

1. Prioritize spaces

This point is important to determine before beginning the interior design proposal. If by our routines we frequent more common areas, providing them with more space and comfort will improve our day to day, prioritizing them in front of private areas. In this way we will have a more collaborative house.

interior design

2. Reduce walls and bet on open spaces

For those that intimacy is overrated this would be a key point. Sometimes a bad distribution of origin limits the possibilities of a home. Consider if all the walls are really necessary or if, making a logical and technical proposal, you could do without some and have more open and spacious spaces

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3. Share on the table

Maybe it seems like a non important aspect, but the tables also play a role in terms of family habits. If you have space, betting on a round table improves integration, because at all times we have visual contact with all the diners and it gives us a greater sense of community.