5 advantages of using glass walls to separate spaces


The use of glass walls to separate spaces is a decorative trend that has increased in recent years for its numerous advantages over the interior space in which it is placed.

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When we talk about glass walls we mean industrial windows. These are usually transparent and are located in the different rooms. They are resistant glass pieces, designed for the division of space and interior decoration.

There are transparent, satin and different sizes and shapes. As well as its uses. Today we find that this practice is carried out mainly to avoid excessive use of partitions and because the advantages they offer are innumerable and are the order of the day of modernity.

From performing the function of partition to exercise decorative screen, or even used in doors, sliding or not. However, the use of glass in interior design projects has been going on for a long time. However, as we know it today, with large format panels and without frames, it begins to spread and lose fear among professionals.

The old format we know is obviously in the windows, doors and partitions of smaller format. The issue of size is one of the most substantial changes, since today large parts are installed safely, both in assembly and day to day.

1. Lighter spaces

The use of glass walls to separate environments provides transparency to the spaces, thus generating a greater volume of luminosity in the room, which in many cases we can do without some lighting points and take advantage of the fact that the light comes from other areas.

This practice is highly recommended in rooms such as the kitchen, since they are spaces that must be separated but in turn connected, and in which the presence of light is greatly appreciated in the day to day. For this reason, placing glass walls for kitchens becomes a highly recommended option in our interior decoration.

However, beyond the kitchen, in dark spaces, making use of space divisions with glass is an excellent option to solve this lack of light.

2. Greater feeling of spaciousness

As with the projections of the mirrors, separating spaces with glass allows us to see beyond and, in addition to defining a room, they show us the continuation of the same or the adjoining room.

So it is that the interior architects implement the fiberglass panels for walls, providing some room in their decoration projects. Rooms that seem larger or deeper are achieved thanks to this effect.

3. In search of modernity

On many occasions, it is not necessarily necessary to have a dark or small room to separate spaces with glass. Being a decorative trend in vogue, some customers want to add this decorative style in their home to alienate in the modernity of interior decoration.

This type of resources offers wide adaptive possibilities in terms of decoration. We can find decorative dividing walls with frames of various textures or shades, as well as the shape of the whole in general thanks to a material as moldable as glass.

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4. Glass walls to separate spaces

The main function of a wall or a wall is to divide two spaces. Sometimes it happens that within the same room, for example in the sink, we want to separate the bathroom area from the rest. In these cases, installing dividing walls of environments helps us meet the objective of isolating both areas while maintaining the same harmony.

Another example would be American kitchens. If we seek to separate the kitchen area from the dining room, the window of the kitchen helps to keep the essence of the American kitchen connected, but to establish a differentiation between the two.

5. They contribute to develop a general decoration plan

En muchos de los proyectos de reformas de interiores los planes generales de decoración se truncan debido a los muros o tabiques que se quieren instalar.

Estos elementos delimitan completamente las estancias y las cierran, por lo que es más complicado continuar con el proyecto decorativo que se había preestablecido. Sin embargo, el vidrio, al ser translúcido y contar con tantas características de adaptabilidad, permite un sinfín de posibilidades a la hora de adaptarlo.

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