5 tips to adapt a cold house to winter and save energy


How to combat the cold at home? Take note of these five easy and affordable tips to adapt a cold house to the winter and cushion the escalation of rates.

Tips para adaptar una casa fría al invierno - Molins Design
Tips para adaptar una casa fría al invierno - Molins Design


Taking measures to prepare the home for winter has become an essential task. This activity no longer only affects those who own a cold house with old enclosures, but we are all forced to review our home from top to bottom to ensure good energy insulation.

All the signs warn of the arrival of one of the harshest winters in decades and the headlines on the front pages warn us of the imminent sharp increase in energy prices.

The current energy crisis has brought about the need to transform interior spaces into places capable of adapting to new consumption habits.

From Molins Design, as experts in interior design focused on the welfare of people, we propose a series of adjustments in the spaces we inhabit to cope with rising rates without having to juggle at the end of the month.

Take note of the following tricks to heat the house!

1.- Entering the world of home automation with the Nest system

Faced with the need to optimize energy and avoid the problems caused by a cold house, home automation comes into play. A booming technology that provides consumers with greater comfort. This set of technologies applied to the control and intelligent automation of the home, allows a more efficient management of energy use and also provides greater security. The Nest system favors the sectorization of spaces, avoiding excessive and unnecessary energy consumption in rooms that are not very crowded. This thermostat is capable of adapting its use to behavior, thus allowing considerable savings.

2.- Dressing windows with curtains and floors with carpets

Interior design is based on the ability to modify a space according to the needs of the moment. The objective of a good interior design is none other than to create a suitable place fulfilling the desired indications, creating harmony and visual beauty as well as comfort and well-being. On this occasion and with the intention of adapting a cold house to winter without the need for large investments, from Molins Design we propose the application of curtains and carpets. Textile elements are able to heat the house and act as thermal insulators to prevent the cold from creeping inside the house. Reducing, in this way, the excessive cost of air conditioning equipment.

Espacios decorados con estilo y complementos dorados
Dormitorios tonos grises para el invierno
Lana bouclé para decoración de casas frías

3.- Betting on dark tones

Dark tones will become great allies this winter. In carpets, curtains, cushions and even walls. In fact, the more toasted and opaque colors will better absorb the heat of the home. While a dark gray captures 90% of the heat that enters the house, a green one captures 75%.

Visual harmony has a direct impact on the feeling of comfort and personal well-being. Interior design should be designed for durability and easy adaptation to the needs of the consumer at all times. Therefore, the color of the decoration should be chosen according to seasonal demands, applying dark tones in winter and light tones for summer.

4.- Distribute the orientation of the rooms according to the sunlight

Although it may seem an irrelevant measure, the time that each room is inhabited can represent an important energy saving. Spain is one of the sunniest countries in the world, so it is vital to take advantage of each and every one of the hours of sunshine that gives us our planet. This ends up being one of the best tricks to avoid being cold at home. In addition, we will avoid turning on the switch and we will warm ourselves with the heat of the sun to do without heating. This is, undoubtedly, one of the gestures that more reduces the escalation of prices in our gas and electricity bill.

5.- To take advantage of the terrace in winter also

Outdoor spaces, terraces or gardens, have become a very coveted element in the home in recent years. What was once considered an addition, is now an essential requirement when selecting a residence.

Terraces are no longer just for the summer, they are now considered the epicenter of the home, reconverted into comfortable, versatile and functional places capable of adapting to any use. Taking advantage of the outdoors during the sunny hours helps to keep the interior well insulated and without the need for a heater.

Decoración exterior de invierno para terraza
Decoración exterior de invierno para terraza


We hope these tips will help you adapt your cold home to the harsh winter months. With these small and inexpensive ways to heat your home, we assure you that you will achieve healthier and more functional rooms. If you still have doubts about how to combat the cold at home, do not hesitate to contact our team or ask us for any further advice to adopt a warm and 100% comfortable home.