Food preservation is essential for any home since our breakfast, lunch and dinner depend on your state. A large part of these are kept in the refrigerator, but many others, which do not need cold, can be found elsewhere. Despite not needing specific conditions, storing them in a correct way and sometimes in drier places will help us to better conservation and above all to a greater order, which after all is the main objective of any pantry.

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In many of our interior design projects we have had the pleasure of designing and carrying out different types of pantries. All of them, properly insulated to keep food fresh and versatile in terms of storable food.

However, in many others there is no exclusive space to store in the kitchen. That is why we will see what possibilities we have to achieve the aforementioned order without having to sacrifice any space, on the contrary, taking full advantage of these.

1. Create custom drawers

When we have very clear the product that we have to store in the kitchen, a very good option is to create custom drawers, taking into account the volume and measurements of what is stored. For example, if your house consumes a lot of coffee the same is not a bad option to think of a custom drawer for your capsules. And as with coffee with any product.

2. Take advantage of doors

We are not discovering gold or innovating excessively, but a time reminder is never too much. Placing a storage container closet behind the turn of a door can be a good option to free the rest of the kitchen and, in turn, hide as much as possible an element that we do not want to be decorative or have a large presence .

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como almacenar en la cocina

3. Baskets

Baskets, apart from aesthetics are very useful. Whether large or less, that will depend on space. These can be located in different places or corners of the kitchen. One of the cleanest options is to place custom baskets in open closet spaces, thus exercising in a certain way of drawer and ensuring order.

4. Open storage

If you do not want to complicate life and you like or certain traces and art direction this is your option. Locate everything you need in furniture and shelves openly. The only drawback of this option is the extra cleaning they require and the punctual order that should be applied so that your kitchen does not look like a supermarket before closing.

5. Store what is necessary

And finally, the basic advice … Don’t store so much! We know that it is comfortable and on many occasions necessary, however, trying to change our consumption and shopping habits would be one of the best options for good storage. It’s just about spending a little more time on what you need and not as much as I keep everything. Buy less and more often, thus also favoring that we will always have fresh food, within its expiration period and generate less waste.