5 ways to gain space at home


Space has always been a key aspect regarding the decoration of a house, as interior designers know it well. Almost always more space is needed than is available and there are usually problems to fit some of the furniture in the imagined distribution, so gaining space at home can become an odyssey. Let’s try to keep it that way…

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Design and interior decoration; Tricks to gain space at home

We are not always fortunate to have all the meters we want, but it is not a problem, it is simply a characteristic to which we must adapt and make the most of what we have. What’s more … More is not always better, only if it is done consistently.

Taking advantage of small spaces is an art. To achieve this there are different actions and proposals that we can try: from correctly choosing the furniture to save space, obtaining new storage ideas, rethinking the design of spaces or applying some other tricks to take advantage of spaces at home.

We could prepare a list of 100 actions to perform, but we will focus on 5 concrete and feasible. Some depend on you, and others depend more on the design phase of spaces. Therefore, as we always recommend, it is advisable to have professional help from interior designers or interior architects to know how to design a house inside correctly.

1. Use the height of the aisle to create a loft

Sometimes it happens that the height of roofs of a house is high enough to create a loft with which to gain some extra meters.

This idea can be executed in different ways, depending on the height of the corridor and the needs that are required, for example, an open room or a corner for storing objects.

2. Take advantage of small spaces (especially under the bed)

There are furniture that occupy much of the physical space of a room and, however, can be reused more than we imagine. An example of this is the bed, which has a space underneath that is generally not used.

There are many ways to gain space using the bottom hole of the bed. You can install drawers where you can store the bedding, or take advantage of the space to turn it into a shoemaker. A good alternative is also to use this space to store clothes that are not used according to the season of the year.

3. Create built-in libraries or libraries

Those people who love reading want to see their copies in a beautiful piece of furniture that decorates their home. Despite this, this type of furniture reduces space due to the depth that books need to be placed.

However, if we opt for libraries or built-in libraries we will gain passable space, since we will be saving this depth, which is ideal to gain a few meters more.

4. Place appliances inside cabinets

As interior decorators one of the solutions we have made several times to gain more space in the kitchen is to place the appliances inside cabinets.

There are appliances such as the washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, among others, that occupy a large space. Placing them inside a closet helps us gain meters in the kitchen or laundry.

5. Make use of sliding doors

The opening movement of the conventional doors supposes a limitation with respect to the space and with the adjoining furniture, which must provide for those centimeters of space that need opening.

As interior decorators, if we choose sliding doors we will be, again, taking advantage of the space of the walls to gain useful meters in our home and to have more practical and spacious spaces.