B&A: Interior Design in Barcelona Boliard House


As we have said on other occasions, it is important to think in the distribution of a house, but also where the light strikes, its orientation, facilities, etc. So a change as drastic as the one shown below is a work of synchronization between needs.

Today we bring you an extremely visual and clear post. A quick look of the change of one of our latest interior design projects in Barcelona. This comparative exercise, before and after (A&D), reminds us of the versatility that one space can have and, above all, the possibilities, which are multiplied with a good technical work of study and creativity.


Without modifying its structure or collapsing any partition we clean the room as light and clarity concern. We reject dark tone woods, which always makes darker any space and we bet on a clearer option. The library, at full height and with a peculiar lighting design, is the protagonist of the room, embracing the gas fireplace. As for the general lighting design of the space there has also been a substantial change, betting on placing many more points of light and generating a clean atmosphere.

Interiorismo vivienda moderna | Molins Design interioristas
Interiorismo vivienda en Barcelona | Molins Design interioristas


Despite the small size, in the bathroom we completely changed the look and created a more dynamic and fun space,  achieved thanks by the paper that generates lines and directions. Light, as always, has also been another basic aspect. We bet to endow it with much more light than before, where it currently comes from behind the mirror and the ceiling fixtures of general lighting.


In the kitchen we create a completely different concept. In its origin, next to this, a door was located communicating with a small room, now turned into a bright office which its access it’s by a glass sliding door. Following with the same chromatisms and materials of the rest of the house, the kitchen also benefits from the change of tones, and gains light.

Cocina sin reformar Boliard | Molins Design interioristas
Cocina reformada Boliard | Molins Design interioristas


In the case of the bedroom, we did an interior design exercice, placing all the necessary elements that the client required. Two beds are placed on a carpet that huge them and the headboard at full width.

Interiorismo vivienda en Barcelona | Molins Design interioristas
Dormitorio reformado proyecto Boliard | Molins Design interioristas