Architects discuss ¿Radiant heating or radiators?


Today we are going to address a theme that in every project of new work, especially in the cities, comes as a point to be defined. Which is better, the traditional radiator heating or the radiant? the architects discuss about it. Many of you will already guess the answer, obviously the radial is much better. But not everything is so black and white:

In the first place, we affirm that radiant heating (through ducts hidden under the floor) is better and more effective because of a physical matter, the heat leaves the lower part towards the upper ones, in such a way that we create an atmosphere And a more real ambient temperature. For radiators however, we can achieve the same temperature level, however the process is much slower and even more random. As you well know, the radiators work by water from the boiler that accumulates and transits through the radiators, thus irradiating a certain temperature. With radiant heating, the ducts, which also carry hot water, are the same ones that heat the atmosphere, without having to reach a radiator and expel its heat from there.

We assume that at this point in the article, you are already aware that radiant heating is more expensive than radiators. So as always, in case of being in this dilemma or having to face it in the near future, we recommend to make an analysis of your needs and objectives. For example; Is it a main dwelling, our main home? Is it a second residence? Is it necessary to have a powerful system due to the external climatic conditions? Etc.

All these issues that seem too basic, are important to consider before. We often make decisions for recommendations or the whims of the moment without projecting our real needs. In this case, if Molins Interiors are your chosen to make such installation, this debate will be initiated by us, otherwise we recommend you keep in mind all these issues commented.