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Refurbishment of an attic with 360º views of the city of Barcelona. VIB Terrace is for us something more than a terrace with great detail

The attic terraces are a delight! If not, ask the owners of VIB Terrace. This exterior reform project today becomes one of our most sophisticated proposals when it comes to terrace design. The space that we have in hand has all the details; different rooms that function independently, but that make up a spectacular set of beauty and comfort. Welcome to this reform of a penthouse with 360º views!

keys to reform

The objective of reform for this plant in the shape of a perimeter “u” aims to make the most of each outdoor space. In fact, the terrace has different environments and rest areas to enjoy with the family. The first room, located at the front of the house, leads to a spectacular dining room. A space that, in turn, connects with an office that the family uses jointly to telework.

The proposal also includes an adjoining living room, which, as a chill out area, becomes the warmest and most comfortable area of ​​the terrace. Each and every one of these spaces has a shaded area, thanks to the installation of a bioclimatic pergola capable of adjusting to any climate change.

But this is not everything. VIB Terrace includes among its square meters a wonderful urban garden, where the family plants and cares for small fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. This ecological and self-consumption element connects perfectly with the AstralPool brand Jacuzzi, which has become the envy of any roof terrace. At this point, it should be noted that the temperature of the Jacuzzi is maintained throughout the year at around 20ºC, thanks to the installation of high-performance solar panels that we place on the roof of the house.

For the choice of outdoor furniture and other decorative elements, maximum comfort was considered. For this reason, you can find tables and chairs for the dining area, as well as a spectacular “L” shaped sofa that presides over the rest area. All of them, elements that combine perfectly in a chromatic range starring beige, ocher and different green tones.

To take advantage of every corner, a final outdoor gym area was also created. A space with which this reform of a penthouse with 360º views is consolidated as ‘the terrace dreamed of by all’. An outdoor space where you can rest, exercise, have fun with friends and even take a relaxing bath using responsible consumption.

Reforma integral exterior - Molins Design
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Antes y después VIB Terrace - Molins Design
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Antes y después VIB Terrace - Molins Design