The best terrace flooring: materials and installation


Do you want to achieve an exterior technical floor or pavement full of life? If you still don’t know which is the best flooring for your patio, balcony or porch, stay and discover in today’s article the best flooring for your terrace.


We will take the opportunity to tell you about the different typologies that, from Molins Design, we have used in our latest projects or design of outdoor terraces. As well as many other proposals that have set a trend in the current market. Do you want to know them?

How to choose the best flooring for a terrace

Before deciding on the best technical floor for your terrace, you must take into account some key factors for its correct installation. First of all, you should think about choosing a floor that is durable and resistant to the elements. But, that it also combines perfectly with the furniture and the style or final decoration of your terrace.

Although, these factors are not the only ones to highlight, but there are many other aspects that you should take into account, such as:

  • The degree of porosity. If you are going to select a floor for an open terrace, it is better to choose technical floors or floors with low porosity, since these absorb less water and resist the elements very well.
  • The thickness or size of the tile. The thicker the tile, the harder it is. Generally, the average thickness of an outdoor tile is 10mm. However, there are floors up to 20 mm that are easy to install and do not require glue or joints. If you also choose a type of large-format outdoor floor, all the better, since it will increase the feeling of uniformity.
  • Make it a non-slip material. Especially if your patio or outdoor terrace has a pool. In this case, opting for a non-slip raised access floor may become the best option to guarantee safety in your outdoor space.

Now that you know all these aspects closely, take a paper and a pencil to write down each and every one of the characteristics of the best terrace flooring that we are going to list below.

Terrace flooring: materials and installation

1. Floor stoneware terrace or ceramic floors

Porcelain floors have become one of the best options for paving any exterior surface. Its wide resistance and durability, together with its simple installation and maintenance, make stoneware the star material for garden floors.

These terrace pavements offer wide decorative possibilities. That is, we can find outdoor tiles that perfectly imitate wood, stone and even cement. Each and every one of these options stands out for being unchanged in any inclement weather. In the same way, they offer a long useful life, since they become inexpensive floors, very easy to install and even clean compared to other materials.

As experts in outdoor terrace designs, at Molins Design we have already worked hard on this type of flooring, especially stone-effect porcelain tiles. In fact, limestone or granite become today the most reproduced stoneware floors in homes with terraces.

Butacas para terraza - Molins Design

2. Imitation wood terrace flooring

Wooden floors or pallets for terrace or garden provide a lot of warmth and naturalness to the environment, being at the same time one of the most decorative outdoor floors on the market.

If in your home wood becomes the backbone of each room in the house, these terrace pavements become the most appropriate to install in your outdoor area. In this way, you will be able to unify styles and materials in the best way.

Its installation is somewhat more complicated to carry out, but its resistance and durability is suitable for placing in all types of outdoor areas. Today you can find countless types of wood, as well as colors and finishes that can be adapted to any style. Although, the most recommended wooden floors for gardens and terraces are tropical woods.

However, if you opt for this material you must take into account certain maintenance processes. In fact, wood is one of the materials that suffers the most in the open, as long as it does not receive minimal care. The varnish and wood protection treatments will be key to enjoying a high-performance raised floor.

Toldos y pérgolas para terrazas | Molins Design
terrace reform finished | Molins Design interior designers

3. Suelos de composite

If you are one of those who prefers to enjoy a wooden floor without doing many maintenance tasks, your best option is called: composite floor. These non-slip outdoor tiles have the same appearance as wood, being highly resistant to weathering and shocks.

Unlike classic wood, this material stands out for not cracking or splintering. It does not rot or mold over time, has a high non-slip capacity and perfectly resists solar radiation and even the most torrential rains. Today, it becomes the best option for those who want to enjoy the warmth of wood in a more economical and simple way.

Composite floors are available in a wide variety of shades and in different slat and tile formats that are easily assembled. Therefore, its installation and maintenance will not be a big problem for you either. In addition, it is a very simple product to clean.

Pérgola para cocina de exterior | Molins Design
Tumbonas para piscina - Molins Design