Store correctly and sometimes in drier places will help us to better conservation and above all to a greater order, which after all is the main objective of any pantry.

Before and after: Integral terrace reform

We focus today on the integral reform that we did on the terrace of a single-family house in Barcelona.


How can i change my home into a summer house? Wich would be the more trendy things this summer? We’ll reach out solutions and try to inspire you

A&D: Interior Design in Barcelona Boliard House

As we have said on other occasions, it is important to think in the distribution of a house, but also where the light strikes, its orientation, facilities, etc. So a change as drastic as the one shown below is a work of synchronization between needs.

3 interior design tips to share more at home

At the moment of starting an interior design project in our home, we must be clear about some aspects that will determine the proposal. However, one of the most important is knowing how to adapt spaces to our lifestyle.

Our design table Carlo, the making off

A round table, essential, symmetrical, easily buildable and multiply, without more ostentation than the design itself, conceived to be a useful tool for the human being.

Our studio today smells different!

We have recently received in our interior design studio in Barcelona, ​​the last incorporation of our family objects.

Architecture, Bauhaus and the presence in Barcelona

In April 1919, just a hundred years ago, Walter Gropius founded what would become the most influential school of architecture and art of the twentieth century, the Bauhaus school.

Centenary of César Manrique

Next week marks the centenary of the birth of Cesar Manrique. History defines him as a restless and vivacious man with an extraordinary ability for drawing from a very young age.


We continue with the volume II of the interior design in Barcelona through the bars. On this occasion we will cover a period between 1910 and 1960.

Trends in interior decoration for 2019

Our day to day, digital culture and our trips to the most important fairs in Europe, allow us to get a fairly solid idea of ​​the trends of each year in interior decoration.


Esta ruta por el interiorismo en Barcelona la haremos a través de los bares, aquellos espacios públicos que quedan en el imaginario colectivo y que al fin y al cabo son los que, cuando echamos la mirada al pasado, todos recordamos.


Architecture is created, used and contemplated, but it is also read. There are innumerable books, essays, articles and even poetry where references appear, especially because he is also a spectator of our human stages, being able to narrate, perhaps not with mucho detalle, el cómo y el porqué de las manos que en su tiempo la idearon.

Bernat Marcillas, the next generation in interior design

We meet Bernat Marcillas, second and new generation in interior design from Molins Design, a young designer from the 80s. Professionally, rigorously, technically and always in search of new challenges.


Defense is the result of the game between lightness and robustness, opacity and transparency or art and functionality. A search for the autonomy and clarity of the build object. 

Maison & Objet 2019, an essential event for the product design

Once again M&O inaugurates the 2019 events calendar, being a clear reference of current product and furniture design trends, an unmissable event for large international firms and designers.

Energy efficiency starts at the architecture studio

The key to a correct and optimal intervention must not only be assessed aesthetically, there are very important internal aspects that we must think about it and that in the long term determine if the house is optimized or not.

Tanizaki and his link with the interior architecture

A book that is an authentic marvel runs through our studio, we love it not just for the care and aesthetics of its edition, but also for the transversality of its content, applicable to many areas of life and, ultimately, to the historical comparison between the oriental and western world.


From Molins Design we want to wish you a happy holiday and a good entrance to 2019.

5 advantages of using dividing glass as interior architects

The use of dividing glass among interior architects is a decorative trend that has increased in recent years due to its numerous advantages over the interior space in which it is placed.

Partners Talks with Jòdul

We continue our Talks Partners talking with Aman Cabanas, the second generation of Jòdul, a trusted provider of our study.

5 ways to gain space in projects as interior designers

Space has always been a key aspect of the interior design of a house. Almost always more space is needed than is available and there are usually problems to fit any of the furniture in the imagined layout.

Molins Design and ESdesign join forces

Recently a new module of Construction and production has begun, entering into work, taught by Bernat Marcillas and framed in the master of interior design of ESdesign

Interior design: Types of chimneys

Winter has arrived, and it is precisely at this time of year that we always remember the chimneys and everything they can contribute to a home. These have evolved from its primitive function to being an icon of interior design.

Partners Talks with Andrés Requena

Today we speak with Andrés Requena, graphic designer located in Barcelona and author of the new corporate identity of Molins Design.

Looking for an interior decorator, 3 keys to keep in mind

When someone plans to renovate the decoration of their house there are basically two options; Do it by yourself or count on the quality service of an interior decorator.

Inspirations of the luxury interior designers in Barcelona

In what and who are the luxury interior designers inspired in Barcelona? This question has lot of answers, but we will focus on a tour passing by the work of 5 famous architects and interior designers who are clear references for their career, taste and global recognition.

Interview with Toni Molins, interior architect and founder of Molins Design

“In 1979, the interior architect Toni Molins, founded together with his husband Joan Molins the Molins Design studio”.

The vertical gardens of Patrick Blanc by Molins

Because of a recent placement in one of our current interventions, today we dig a little deeper into the vertical gardens and their origin.

The Barrisol and its uses for the interior designer

Surely those who read us and are from our sector will know the material that we want to talk about today, specially if you are interior designer, the Barrisol.

“Jòdul Lab”, much more than interior design

We present today one of our latest interior design projects. This is the new Showroom of Jòdul, the prestigious brand of materials supplies for construction. Its commitment to the landing in Barcelona has been made effective with the opening of a laboratory of materials destined only to the professionals of the sector, as its name indicates; Jòdul Lab.

Introducing domotic in our interior architecture

Some time ago, from our facet referred to the interior architecture, we talked about home automation and its benefits. Over time, this new technology is still more than in force and developing in favor of the comforts in the home. Today we present our partner in Domotics; DomoAlfred.

We went again through Maison & Objet

At the end of January we returned to have the pleasure of attending Maison Objet de Paris. An inspiring fair, the place to explore the whole universe of fashion and home and mandatory appointment for all professional interior design and interior decoration

Interior design and pantries

Provisioning is at your expense, but the interior design and distribution is one of our specialties. In many of our latest interior design projects we have had the pleasure of designing and carrying out different types of pantries.

New lighting design by iGuzzini

Lighting design has always been a key piece of interior decoration and interior design, and therefore, its evolution is directed towards more sophistication with fewer elements.

Architects discuss ¿Radiant heating or radiators?

Today we are going to address a theme that in every project of new work, especially in the cities, comes as a point to be defined

Molins Design visits the Grohe showroom

Today we want to bring, as a memory, a piece of what we saw last September in the Showroom Grohe.

An interior designer advice; always bet for a suite

If we think of the concept of suite, especially traditionally and from the perspective of an interior designer, we think of a room that integrates a bathroom. Although this definition is correct, nowadays the suites go beyond this.

The courtesy bathrooms

It might seem that the courtesy bathrooms are a thing of the past century, but, as interior architects, we can assure that they are on the agenda and are characterized by certain aspects that differentiate them from the other bathrooms we can have in our home

Interior decoration and water at home; ways to integrate it

We keep talking about exteriors, in this case about fountains and the water presence at home, specially on urban homes.

Interior decorators; show your terraces!

We love summer! More than ever when our holidays arrive too. That means free time. Summer have this special thing that takes you to reunite with yout loved people at night, talking and enjoying of this nice weather.

We love urban gardens

As a curiosity, and to introduce the subject in question. Did you know that urban gardens were introduced during World War II? The inability to rely on imports and exports because of the general chaos, led to this innovative way to cultivate.

Our Work Reflections; conversations about interior design

Molins Interiors has always liked to show our work through audiovisual works, thanks to our employees, they are of high quality and professionalism.