The best plans in Madrid for Christmas

Are you going to make a getaway to Madrid for Christmas? Keep this list with the best things to do in Madrid this Christmas. Shows, plays, ice rinks or theme parks to enjoy with your family or couple.

Ideas and inspiration for decorating a children’s room

Ideas and inspiration to decorate a children’s room following the latest trends. In Molins Design we help you to create the children’s bedroom that your children want so much. Do you dare to create it?

Route of the best art galleries in Madrid

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How to decorate a small bathroom to get the most out of it?

Tips and tricks to decorate a small bathroom and make the most of it! We explain how to do it to get an elegant and sophisticated bathroom.

The top 5 decoration and interior design influencers in Madrid

Do you want to know the new trends in decoration? Get inspired by the ideas of the 5 best decoration influencers in Madrid. Famous instagramers that will help you make your dreams come true.

How to choose a carpet for the living room?

Discover the new textile trends and choose a rug for the living room that matches the decor and style of your home, we explain it all to you!

Kitchen design integrated in the countertop

Descubre las ventajas de contar con una cocina integrada en la encimera. Nuevos diseños innovadoras para cocinar como un auténtico chef profesional.

Meeting room design: Ideas and styles for modern offices

Discover the best meeting room designs for offices. Choose the ideal furniture and decoration for your workspace.

The best tips for changing your home windows before winter arrives

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Key ideas to create your home office

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How to upholster your headboard? Keys to make it perfect

How to upholster your headboard? Discover the latest trends to achieve an attractive and design decoration in your bedroom.

The 10 best decoration stores in Madrid

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Top 10 interior designers according to Molins Design

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Closet change: Tips to optimize space

Discover the 10 best tips to make a closet change this fall and save space in your dressing room.

5 tips to adapt a cold house to winter and save energy

Tired of having a cold house? Discover the 5 best tips to adapt your home to winter and save energy, we tell you all about it!

Types of sliding doors: Mechanisms and trendy designs for your home

Discover the different types of sliding doors! Choose the materials, finishes and ideal installation system to gain space and aesthetics in your home.

Latest trends in bedroom decorating 2022

Discover the latest trends in wedding bedroom decorating for 2022. Tips and tricks for a contemporary and fashionable master bedroom.

12 fall home decorating trends

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Works of art to decorate a home: which ones to choose and how to integrate them correctly into the space?

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Office decoration with plants: How to integrate them correctly and what benefits do they provide?

Find out what is the best office decoration with plants. Tips and tricks to make your workspace an inspiring place.

Before and after: Tonet Apartment

Discover the before and after renovation for Tonet Apartment in the Eixample district of Barcelona. An intervention of bohemian lines and sophisticated decoration.

What is a render in interior design?

What is a render in interior design? Learn all about these digital images, which help us to visualize dream projects.

TOP 10 best architects in the world

Get to know the work of 10 of the best architects in the world; famous architects of the most current design, whose works have guided us and are a reference of modern architecture.

Why choose a furniture bar for your home? Trends and ideas to decorate

New trends to choose your furniture-bar for your home. Tips and tricks to place it correctly in the decoration of your home.

The 10 decoration stores in Barcelona that you must know

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How to choose curtains? 9 keys to find the perfect model

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TOP 10 leading lighting manufacturers

Discover the top 10 lighting manufacturers worldwide. Molins Design’s trusted suppliers!

How to paint the living room to make it look bigger?

Tips and tricks to enhance and expand the interior ambiance of your dining room with the most modern and trendy paint colors.

How to choose modern kitchen sinks?

How to choose the best modern kitchen sinks? Discover the materials, sizes and accessories in trend.

Top 10 best interior design magazines

The 10 best interior design magazines, according to Molins Design. Find out which publications you should know to be up to date with current trends in interior design!

Latest sofa trends for 2022

Take note of the latest trends in sofas for this 2022! Shapes, fabrics and colors that are the most popular this season and that you will see reflected in the most exclusive designer sofas.

Before and after: Shadow Terrace

Discover the before and after of the renovation of the Shadow terrace in Barcelona’s Eixample, an intervention full of freshness and vitality!

Home and order: Top 10 home organization tricks

Discover the 10 best tips and tricks to organize your home and keep it tidy and cleaner for longer.

Ranking top 9 furniture brands in Spain

Discover our TOP 9 furniture brands in Spain. Our favorites to fill any space with light, color and functionality.

Top 10 architecture series on Netflix

Keep this list with the 10 best documentaries and series about architecture on Netflix. Titles to enjoy at home, alone or in company.

Why decorate a terrace with an outdoor fire pit?

Why decorate a terrace with an outdoor fire pit? Discover the best designer ground fires to add a note of comfort and lighting to your outdoor terrace.

Before and after: Valira Penthouse

Discover the before and after renovation for the Valira Apartment penthouse in Andorra. An intervention of sinuous lines and sophisticated decoration.

Before and after: Riam Apartment

Discover the before and after renovation for the penthouse Riam Apartment in Barcelona. An elegant, practical and sophisticated interior design intervention.

Top 5 articles in Molins interior design magazines

Discover the ins and outs of our best custom-made works. Interventions with history, told from the critical view of the most important national interior magazines.

How to decorate a design garden?

How to decorate a designer garden? Ten inspiring ideas to create your best outdoor area at home.

Decalogue of mistakes to avoid when carrying out an integral reform

Do you want to renovate your home? We explain the 10 mistakes you should avoid when completely renovating any room in your home.

Keys to finding the best contemporary style decor in single-family homes

Do you want to achieve a contemporary style decoration in your home? Discover the keys to contemporary interior design and turn your home into a practical and functional space.

Latest trends in modern and functional living room decoration

Discover the latest in modern and functional living room decoration. Renew your living-dining room with Molins Design and let the latest trends enter your home.

How to decorate an urban terrace in Madrid

How to decorate an urban terrace in Madrid? Discover the latest trends to get a balcony or terrace of ten this summer.

Keys to hire an interior designer in Madrid

Key factors to hire an interior designer in Madrid, discover the benefits of a professional interior design studio!

The new post-pandemic interior design

Keys to post-pandemic interior design! Discover how our homes have been changing with the irruption of the COVID-19 in our lives.

The 3 best houses with pool and garden in Molins Design

Discover the best houses with pool and garden of Molins Design. Three star projects to enjoy in summer.

Trends in terrace furniture 2022

Discover the latest trends in designer terrace furniture. Bet on design and the highest quality, as well as the style of furniture that best matches your home.

Ideas to make a small foyer look bigger

Compilation of some trendy ideas to inspire you and make your small foyer look bigger, create a modern and elegant atmosphere at the entrance of your home!

Outdoor gardens decorating: styles and ideas for designing a dream garden

Discover the latest trends in outdoor garden decoration. At Molins Design we help you find the best style for your outdoor space.

How to plan a garden renovation? Ideas and inspiration

Learn in this article how to plan the integral reform of a garden. Tricks, tips and ideas to make it happen.

Bathtub or shower? Which one to choose for your bathroom

Shower or bathtub? If you can fit both, don’t hesitate. You can enjoy the advantages of each without having to give up anything. Discover the advantages of each bathroom design element.

How does your home decor affect your mood?

How can your home decor affect your mood? Discover the key factors for a happier home environment.

Why put a swimming pool on a penthouse terrace?

Latest trends for the design and construction of a swimming pool on the terrace of a luxury penthouse. Exclusivity and design, Molins Design.

Top 5 premium brands of aluminum window and door frames for single-family homes

Get to know the premium brands for aluminum enclosures in single-family houses, choose the best materials! Molins Design.

Trends in outdoor terrace decoration 2022

As lovers of outdoor areas, today we come to talk about the latest trends in outdoor terrace decoration. Would you like to discover them? Prepare your terrace or garden for the long-awaited vacation months.

Why should you hire an interior designer in Andorra to elevate the design of your home?

Find the right interior designer to achieve your dream interior design. Discover the reasons why you should hire an interior designer in Andorra and elevate the interior design of your home to another level.

Reasons to hire an interior designer in Barcelona

Why hire an interior designer in Barcelona? Reasons why you should count on a professional to design your home in the Catalan capital.

We discover the Mutina factory, specialists in ceramic and porcelain materials

We visited Mutina, specialists in ceramic materials in Modena. Discover their new collection of porcelain materials.

The rules of interior design in houses in Andorra

Discover the key reasons why Andorra’s homes have become fashionable in recent months. A mountain interior design that fascinates thanks to its comfort, convenience and functionality.

Trends in interior decoration in Madrid

Latest trends for interior decoration in Madrid. Discover the 6 interior design keys that will come to life in your home in the city. Functional and aesthetically perfect accessories, a mix of elegance and practicality for your home.

Fireplace living room designs and ideas

Discover our 4 best living rooms with fireplace ideas. Rustic and classic or minimalist and timeless? Which one do you choose?

Merry Christmas and Happy 2022 from Molins Design!

Molins Design wishes you happy holidays and a spectacular entry into the new year. Together, we will continue sharing dreams.

Before and after: Mila Apartment

Discover the before and after of our last house renovation in Barcelona Mila Apartment. An intervention that seeks practical and functional spaces, combined in a perfect balance and harmony.

Molins Design closes the year in full growth and with the forthcoming opening of a new site

We take stock of what 2021 has meant for Molins Design studio: a year of growth full of projects and some international recognitions.

Design, measurement and installation of kitchen countertops

What are the essential measuring elements for the placement of countertops in the kitchen? Discover the materials to choose and how to distribute them in the space.

Christmas gifts: 5 products for the 5 senses

Christmas is approaching and with it the time to give illusion and surprises to our loved ones. Therefore, this year we have proposed to create a list of the most special Christmas gifts. Products and items for the home; practical and functional design elements, but above all elegant and sustainable.

How to design functional and modern kitchens

The most important thing in the design of functional kitchens is to know how to adapt the space to your needs. To fully enjoy it, it is vital that the distribution of your kitchen is practical and functional.

Christmas home decorating trends

Latest trends in Christmas decorations for your home! Discover from Zinnia’s hand the novelties in bouquets and centerpieces in natural flowers.

Christmas Tree Decoration Trends 2021

Are you one of those who love classic Christmas decorations or do you prefer a more minimalist style? Find in this article a lot of inspiring ideas, where we tell you the main trends in Christmas trees.

Before and after: Ginger Apartment

Partial refurbishment of Ginger Apartment for a luxury house in Madrid. Discover the before and after of this intervention and the adaptation of its spaces.

Interior design and decoration for mountain homes

Discover how to design and decorate a modern style mountain house in Cerdanya, with the most sustainable materials and the latest trends.

How to decorate with fabrics?

The world of textiles is immense and sometimes it is difficult to find a good combination. In today’s article we give you some ideas on how to decorate with fabrics depending on your style and the use you are going to do with them.

Design of staircases for single-family houses

L-shaped scales, elliptical, semicircular, oval, offset, suspended, spiral… What is the style that best suits your floor?

How to choose the best materials for a kitchen? Design and planning

¿Cómo elegir los materiales de cocina? Descubre los factores clave a tener en cuenta para crear un diseño de cocina moderno, práctico y funcional.

Le Compositeur’s eco-conception: sustainability and health

Looking for a way to scent your home in an ecological and environmentally friendly way? The Le Compositeur aromatizer will help you diffuse the scents that make you feel good in a clean and sustainable way.

Keys to the interior layout of single-family houses and choice of materials

Keys to make a correct interior distribution in single-family houses: What to consider and what materials to choose to make the most of every space in your home.

Molins Design Decoration Projects: Phases and duration

Molins Design decoration projects: phases and duration. Discover the key factors for an ideal decoration job.

Types of pools

There is no single classification for the different types of pools, although the most popular is according to their construction system. Discover in this article which model of outdoor pool will best suit the style and space available in your home.

Types of pool liners

Porcelain stoneware has always been a solution used for pool cladding, but it is not the only material for this type of work. Discover in today’s article the different types of pool liners and which one you should choose for your new custom work project.

Trends in decoration of rustic houses

Discover some tips to improve the decoration of rustic, modern and cozy houses. What are the latest trends? We explain them to you!

The sense of smell: Emotions and well-being with Le compositeur

The sense of smell is the most powerful and difficult to please. Discover thanks to the Le compositeur de Compoz fragrance diffuser the scents that will make you feel good in every room of your home, business or work area.

Molins Design interior design projects: Phases and duration

How to do an interior design project? We explain the phases and duration of Molins Design renovation projects.

Designer Elsa Peretti’s legacy: jewelry and interior design

Elsa Peretti era una diseñadora de joyería de gran éxito con una década de codiciadas colecciones a sus espaldas. Hoy repasamos su vida y obra para realizar un pequeño homenaje a su personalidad y larga trayectoria en el mundo del diseño y el interiorismo.

Outdoor Jacuzzis designs

Find inspiration and ideas to install a jacuzzi in your garden or terrace, this summer complete your outdoor space with a designer jacuzzi!

Cristóbal Balenciaga: designer, couturier and artist

Cristóbal Balenciaga became the most successful Spanish designer and couturier in our country. His designs are still exhibited in countless spaces dedicated to the world of Haute Couture. From Molins Design, we make our particular tribute to him, reviewing his life and work in full.

Design of houses with solar panels

Are you passionate about renewable energy? Discover the advantages and benefits of solar panel home design and become the owner of your own energy.

Design of single-family houses

What is a detached house and what advantages does it offer compared to other houses? Discover in today’s article the keys to designing a dream single-family home, where comfort and convenience shine with their own light.

Swimming pool design

What is the best pool design? Find out everything you need to know to create an outdoor pool with all the details.

6 basic elements of a modern and functional kitchen

Do you want to know which details will make your kitchen a more practical and beautiful space? Discover now the 6 basic features or elements of a modern and functional kitchen.

Open or closed kitchen? Advantages and disadvantages

The eternal dilemma before facing a renovation: is it better to have an open or closed kitchen? We tell you the advantages and disadvantages of open kitchens, as well as tips and tricks to enjoy this wonderful domestic space.

Passive House Design

Passive House: What is it and what are its characteristics? Discover in today’s article the principles and basic rules of construction of the new ‘Habitat of the future’.

Molins Design Brand Ambassador for the launch of Le Compositeur in Spain

Do you love soft and pleasant fragrances? Discover the new Le Compositeur scent diffuser and enjoy a warm, comfortable and sustainable atmosphere in your interior space.

Before & after: Bea House

Interior design for Bea House single family house. We review the before and after of this reform in Torrelodones, Madrid.

How to design a kitchen with a central island

Thinking about designing a kitchen island? Here are some tips on the most important things to keep in mind.

Two Molins Design projects win the prestigious Luxury Lifestyle Awards

The Mansan House project in Barcelona and the Rechson Penthouse in Madrid have been awarded in the category of Best Residential Interior Design at the renowned Luxury Lifestyle Awards.

New trends in kitchen design for 2021

Get to know the new trends in kitchen design for 2021: modern, functional, ecological and with nature always present.

How to choose materials for a single-family house?

Have you decided to build or renovate a house? Find out how to decide which materials are the most suitable according to your needs!

The best ideas for outdoor kitchens

Do you dream of having a fully customized outdoor kitchen? If you are passionate about cooking, as much as Jamie Olivier is, you may be interested in discovering the elements to take into account when designing and creating outdoor kitchens.

Design of bioclimatic houses

Bioclimatic houses rely on the resources of nature to offer a high degree of comfort. If you want to get a house that respects the environment and its surroundings, know now the characteristics of ecological construction.

Before and after: Mansan House

Mansan is a 450m2 house, which is already part of one of our most sophisticated interior design and decoration projects. Discover in today’s article the Before and After of this comprehensive reform.

Before and After: Bella Terrace

Bella Terrace is a 70m2 outdoor terrace, which connects perfectly with the style and interior architecture of your home. Discover in today’s article the Before and After of this exterior reform.

Before and After: VIB Terrace

VIB Terrace has spectacular 360º views of the city of Barcelona, a functional and efficient terrace that takes advantage of solar energy. Discover in today’s article the Before and After of this exterior reform.

Before and after: Casa Ron

Casa Ron is for Molins Design one of the most spectacular designs for single-family houses in Barcelona. With spacious interior rooms, the house has a patio with a pool and a countercurrent swimming system.

Before and after: Inprocess office refurbishment

Design and refurbishment of a 500m2 office in the heart of Barcelona. Take a look at the before and after of this workspace renovation, choosing the perfect balance between functionality, efficiency and space design!

The best terrace flooring: materials and installation

How to choose the best flooring for a terrace? From Molins Design we explain everything you need to know before choosing the raised access floor for your terrace.

Bioclimatic pergolas: What are they and why install them in your garden?

Bioclimatic pergolas are the smartest solution to protect outdoor environments. Discover in today’s article the design options and construction materials for these terrace and garden covers.

Awnings and pergolas for terraces

Do you need a concealment and shade system for your garden? We discover the best options in awnings and pergolas for terraces and outdoor areas.This summer, the sun does not catch you off guard!

Design of outdoor terraces

Do you want to learn how to design a terrace with great detail? At Molins Design we explain everything you need to know about the design and decoration of gardens, patios and outdoor balconies.

Carpet tiles for modern offices

In the world of carpet tiles, everything is connected to create a comfortable and pleasant space. Click this article now and discover the advantages and benefits offered by these raised access floors for workspaces.

How to choose the most efficient office furniture?

How to choose office furniture? At Molins Design we explain to you which are the best furniture and equipment for modern offices.

Design and types of office partitions

Read this article carefully and discover the design and types of office partitions that will best match your workspace.

Office lighting: What is the ideal light for work?

Regulations and technical aspects in office lighting. Discover the best lighting for your workspace and increase the productivity of your employees.

Office design corporate

How to create a 450 m2 work area? From Molins Design we explain today everything you must take into account to create a modern and 100% efficient office design.

Design garden enclosures

Enjoy the privacy of your garden with a designer enclosure or fence. Take a look at this article and discover now the enclosures for gardens and terraces that will make your outdoor area an oasis of peace and tranquillity.

Tips and styles for summer decoration

How can I turn my house into a summer home? Summer decorating styles should be a joy, a change for what is to come, a few months enjoying the sun

The best interior design projects in Barcelona by Molins Design

What are the three best interior design projects in Barcelona by Molins Design? What were we looking for in them? We review its origin and explain it to you

Kitchen Reform Ideas (Our Work Reflections)

In the third chapter where we review our capsules of Our work reflections we will focus on ideas to reform kitchens.

Interior stair design (Our Work Reflections)

Although we already had the plans, they say that the first impression is what counts. What we did not know is that we would finish this project with what we could call a master in interior stair design.

Design of gardens with swimming pool (Our Work Reflections)

Among the most appreciated outdoor interventions that one can carry out as an interior design studio, we highlight the design of gardens with a swimming pool. Let’s review a project of these characteristics.


While the word avant-garde is closely linked to the world of art and literary, when we talk about avant-garde interior design, it does not differ much.

Merry christmas and happy 2020

First of all, we would like to thank you one more year for your support in this special life project called Molins Design

The interior design rules for Molins Design

What is interior design for? What is the best in interior decoration? Are there interior design rules for houses? Well, let’s try to address the answer to all these questions.


Store correctly and sometimes in drier places will help us to better conservation and above all to a greater order, which after all is the main objective of any pantry.

Before and after: chill out terrace reform

Hoy nos centramos en la reforma de terraza chill out que llevamos a cabo en una azotea de la zona más elevada de Barcelona.

B&A: Interior Design in Barcelona Boliard House

As we have said on other occasions, it is important to think in the distribution of a house, but also where the light strikes, its orientation, facilities, etc. So a change as drastic as the one shown below is a work of synchronization between needs.

Tips for interior design and sharing at home

When addressing an interior design project in our home we must be clear about some interior design tips that will determine the proposal

Our design table Carlo Making off

Carlo is a round, essential, symmetrical design table, easily buildable and multiply, with no more ostentation than the design itself, conceived to be a useful tool for human beings.

Our studio today smells different!

We have recently received in our interior design studio in Barcelona, ​​the last incorporation of our family objects.

Bauhaus architecture and the presence in Barcelona

In April 1919, just a hundred years ago, Walter Gropius founded what would become the most influential school of architecture and art of the twentieth century, the Bauhaus school.

Centenary of César Manrique

Next week marks the centenary of the birth of Cesar Manrique. History defines him as a restless and vivacious man with an extraordinary ability for drawing from a very young age.


We continue with the volume II of the Commercial design in Barcelona through the bars. On this occasion we will cover a period between 1910 and 1960.

Trends in interior decoration for 2019

Our day to day, digital culture and our trips to the most important fairs in Europe, allow us to get a fairly solid idea of ​​the trends of each year in interior decoration.

Historic bars of Barcelona and interior design (VOL I, 1786-1897)

The historical bars of Barcelona speak in a certain way also of this passion for design and even today, we can find authentic relics that practically exert history books.

Basic readings for architects

Architecture is created, used and contemplated, however it is also read. There are innumerable books, essays, articles and even poetry where references appear, especially because it is also a spectator of our human stages, being able to narrate, perhaps not in much detail, the how and why of the hands that in their time devised .

Bernat Marcillas interior designer and generational relief

We meet Bernat Marcillas, second and new generation in interior design from Molins Design, a young designer from the 80s. Professionally, rigorously, technically and always in search of new challenges.


Defense is the result of the game between lightness and robustness, opacity and transparency or art and functionality. A search for the autonomy and clarity of the build object. 

Maison & Objet 2019, an essential event for the product design

Once again M&O inaugurates the 2019 events calendar, being a clear reference of current product and furniture design trends, an unmissable event for large international firms and designers.

Energy efficiency starts at the architecture studio

The key to a correct and optimal intervention must not only be assessed aesthetically, there are very important internal aspects that we must think about it and that in the long term determine if the house is optimized or not.

Tanizaki discovers us Japanese architecture

It has been a while since a book runs through our bookstore that is a true relic, not only for the care and aesthetics of its edition, but also for the transversality of its content, applicable to many areas of life and ultimately, to the historical comparison between the eastern and western world.


From Molins Design we want to wish you a happy holiday and a good entrance to 2019.

5 advantages of using glass walls to separate spaces

The use of glass walls to separate spaces is a decorative trend that has increased in recent years for its numerous advantages over the interior space in which it is placed.

Partners Talks with Jòdul

We continue our Talks Partners talking with Aman Cabanas, the second generation of Jòdul, a trusted provider of our study.

5 ways to gain space at home

Almost always more space is needed than is available and there are usually problems to fit some of the furniture in the imagined distribution, so gaining space at home can become an odyssey. Let’s try to keep it that way …

Molins Design and ESdesign join forces

Recently a new module of Construction and production has begun, entering into work, taught by Bernat Marcillas and framed in the master of interior design of ESdesign

Fireplace design: which type it’s better for me?

Winter has arrived, and it is precisely at this time of year that we always remember the chimneys and everything they can contribute to a home. These have evolved from its primitive function to being an icon of interior design.

Partners Talks with Andrés Requena

Today we speak with Andrés Requena, graphic designer located in Barcelona and author of the new corporate identity of Molins Design.

Inspirations of the luxury interior designers in Barcelona

In what and who are the luxury interior designers inspired in Barcelona? This question has lot of answers, but we will focus on a tour passing by the work of 5 famous architects and interior designers who are clear references for their career, taste and global recognition.

Interview with Toni Molins interior designer and founder of Molins Design

“In 1979, Toni Molins interior designer and profesional decorator, founded together with his husband Joan Molins the Molins Design studio”.

The vertical gardens of Patrick Blanc by Molins

On the occasion of a recent placement in one of our current interventions, today we delve a little deeper into the vertical gardens and their origin.

Stretch ceilings of barrisol in interior design

Surely many of you already know the tensile ceilings of barrisol. We discover them if it is not so …

“Jòdul Lab”, much more than interior design

We present today one of our latest interior design projects. This is the new Showroom of Jòdul, the prestigious brand of materials supplies for construction. Its commitment to the landing in Barcelona has been made effective with the opening of a laboratory of materials destined only to the professionals of the sector, as its name indicates; Jòdul Lab.

Architecture and smart homes, a promising binomial

Some time ago we talked about home automation and its benefits. Over time, this new technology is still more than in force and developing for home comforts. Today we introduce you to our partner in Domotics; DomoAlfred.

We went again through Maison & Objet

At the end of January we returned to have the pleasure of attending Maison Objet de Paris. An inspiring fair, the place to explore the whole universe of fashion and home and mandatory appointment for all professional interior design and interior decoration

Pantry design or how to organize correctly

Provisioning is your responsibility, but design and distribution is one of our specialties. In many of our latest interior design projects we have had the pleasure of designing and carrying out different types of pantries.

New lighting design by iGuzzini

Lighting design has always been a key piece of interior decoration and interior design, and therefore, its evolution is directed towards more sophistication with fewer elements.

Underfloor heating or radiators? The winter debate

We approach a topic that in every new construction project, especially in cities, comes out as a point to be defined.

Molins Design visits the Grohe showroom

Today we want to bring, as a memory, a piece of what we saw last September in the Showroom Grohe.

Interior design in suites

We talk about suites and the possibilities of these. Why opt for a suite?

Nice and practicals Designs of courtesy bathrooms

It might seem that the courtesy bathrooms are a thing of the past century, but they are on the agenda and are characterized by certain aspects that differentiate them from the other bathrooms that we can have in our home.

Interior design and decorative water fountains

We continue talking about exteriors, this time about the sources and the presence of water in homes, especially in urban areas.

Design of terraces, furniture and decoration

How we like summer! and if we talk about summer, as interior decorators we also have to talk about the design of terraces and the long times that we will spend in it during the next long months of vacation.

Urban garden design, a simpler process than it seems

What is the best ecological urban garden design? Do I need a lot of space? What precautions should I take? We address these issues.

Our Work Reflections; conversations about interior design

Molins Interiors has always liked to show our work through audiovisual works, thanks to our employees, they are of high quality and professionalism.