The main objective of contract design or commercial design is the projection of a brand to a specific physical space in all its dimensions. As retail designers we interpret the essence of the brand values ​that we are going to project in space, to transfer them to commercial design.

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We project the essence of each brand

We design customized and on a detailed way all kinds of commercial spaces visually shaping the essence and business idea, thus providing the added value that will be crucial for the brand. Our interventions are carried out both in new premises and in redesign of existing spaces.

To meet the expectation of customer experience, our main objective is to design the point of sale in such a way that the potential customer can be able to move around the space as comfortably as possible. All this, to observe and analyze the different products or services offered, either to materialize the act of purchase at that precise moment, or simply to be able to be informed about the product or service in order to make the purchase later via online

We create value spaces

In any commercial design project, we not only think on the decorative aspects, it is also crucial to cover the daily operational needs at a technical level and organizational functionality of the human team that will work on it, without forgetting the official requirements of mandatory compliance in terms of accessibility and other legislative aspects.

A team with consolidated experience

We have a consolidated team of professionals of our total confidence, with a high degree of knowledge of the sector, with whom we have collaborated for more than fifteen years, to be able to offer the maximum rigor that we pursue in the quality of the finishes.

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