Why decorate a terrace with an outdoor fire pit?


Get a design decoration in your garden or terrace by placing an outdoor bonfire that illuminates and creates a cozy atmosphere for your summer dinners.

Would you like to give your terrace a warmer and cozier atmosphere this summer? If you are one of those who enjoy having dinners with friends and family at home, today’s article is dedicated to you. Today we are going to show you different garden bonfires, fire elements that can help you improve the outdoor lighting in your most special meals. But that, today, also become the design decoration to provide greater warmth and a calm and quiet outdoor environment in which to enjoy good company.

There is no doubt that summer becomes the perfect time of the year to enjoy more outdoor plans. The good weather offers us the possibility to enjoy our outdoor spaces to the fullest. In fact, dinners on the terrace with friends or family is something we do very often and enjoy night after night. Having a barbecue and taking an evening dip in our terrace with pool becomes the perfect plan to combat the high temperatures.

Decoration with outdoor fire pit

Placing an outdoor fire pit on the terrace of your home can be the decorative element you are looking for to increase comfort. But it can also be the perfect accessory to save you a peak in electricity consumption, which currently rises almost every day. 

Outdoor ground fires become in summer the best alternative to illuminate dinners and evening parties. It can also be the necessary heat source for barbecues on the terrace and even become a practical accessory for those evenings when it cools off and a little heat is needed. 

There is more than one type of garden fire pit available on the market: wood fire, gas, etc. Selecting the right fire pit (or brazier) will depend on the needs and style of your terrace. With wood braziers you will get a real fire pit, while gas models will be much easier to use and light at any time.

Their designs are varied and sophisticated, so you will be able to find the outdoor fire that best suits your living room or outdoor dining room.


Kettal ‘Home’, a safe bet

The Kettal brand has become for us a great reference in outdoor design worldwide. Its garden elements and accessories combine modernity, elegance and exclusivity. For us, key factors for a terrace with a swimming pool to succeed during the summer months.

The design team of the Kettal brand works with creativity and innovation as its flagship, being also an exclusive outdoor furniture firm. Therefore, among its extensive catalog of products, you will find tables, chairs, loungers, sofas, hammocks, etc..

If you are looking for an outdoor fire pit design that meets everything you are looking for your terrace or garden, the Kettal fire pit is a safe bet.  Made with pieces that combine braided aluminum structures, we find a rustic style outdoor fire pit. Its robust texture, accompanied by a wide chromatic range, will undoubtedly adapt to any outdoor space, combining aesthetically and functionally with the rest of the furniture and decorations in your garden. 

Said fire element works with firewood, so the criteria of sustainability and energy saving are added to this outdoor design product. In addition, the interior metal fire box or basket is very easy to clean and maintain in perfect condition.

Fire pit Art Lotus, an outdoor fire pit made flower

For those looking for a little peace in their busy lives, Fire pit Art Lotus brings you the serenity and relaxation you deserve. With beautiful lotus flower cutouts, this outdoor fire pit will mesmerize you as you watch the flames flicker across its floral silhouette. Undoubtedly, and with an unmatched rustic charm, this brazier will fit perfectly with different decor styles.

Said fire to earth element is made of carbon and finished with iron oxide patina. Each Fire pit Art Lotus is handmade by a skilled artist and numbered to ensure authenticity. 

The fire pit requires no maintenance and can be left outside regardless of the season. Mind you, to avoid standing water, Fire pit Art Lotus features a 1.5″ diameter rain drain, making it ideal for use in extremely humid environments.

The Lotus fire pit is available in your choice of fuel, including wood, propane or natural gas models. For gas models, you will also be able to choose your ignition.

Made design braziers

Get the most out of your terrace with the braziers-barbecues of the Made brand. Different models of fire pit designed to add a plus of aesthetics to your outdoor space, as well as being useful to make spectacular family barbecues when you feel like it. 

Made collaborates with independent designers and creators to create original and quality pieces at the best price, avoiding intermediaries and unnecessary margins. It is an online store of affordable designer furniture, which works with materials of 100% sustainable origin.

Hoguera exterior para terrazas - Molins Design
Hoguera exterior para terrazas - Molins Design