Design and types of office partitions


As you already know, different elements come into play in office design. One of them, of great importance and related to the total use of space, are custom office partitions. Some elements, widely known as mobile partitions or room dividing screens, which are used to create mobile offices and meeting rooms.

Diseño y tipos de mamparas para oficina - Molins Design


At Molins Design we are passionate about commercial design. So much so, that we enjoy to the maximum expressing the essence and business idea in each space in which we work.

If you need to expand the working meters of your office, but you do not want to carry out any work or resort to a comprehensive reform, keep reading. In today’s article we explain what is the best design of partitions for offices, as well as the typology and manufacturing materials that exist for their design and custom manufacturing.

Design of partitions for offices

Today, there are many of us who work in offices, either from a private office or a coworking. Because of this, the way we approach work is affected on a daily basis by the space we have.

Put yourself in situation. It is 09:00 in the morning, you are preparing the last details to deliver that project in which you have worked so much, but you cannot concentrate because your colleagues have started to review the intricacies of another job … it has also happened to you!

For this reason, the design of partitions for offices gathers so many followers when it comes to the separation of spaces. And, having a room or office in which to work independently helps to increase our productivity and creativity in the workplace.

Mamparas de oficina - Molins Design
Mamparas de oficina - Molins Design

Types of dividing screens according to their material

The range of office partitions is infinite. There are blind, glass or mixed modules, so the partition or mobile partition that best combines with the decoration and style of your work area can be manufactured. Next, we review the best types of partitions for offices:

Glass panels or partitions

The most appropriate to generate a greater sense of spaciousness within the office. In fact, glass office partitions become the perfect option to make the most of natural light, as well as to surround offices and meeting rooms easily and simply. Something that is essential if it is required to create independent spaces effectively.

Normally, these laminated glass panels or partitions are supported on anodized or lacquered aluminum edges, since they offer a very professional finish, easy to clean and maintain.

Methacrylate screens

Being one of the most resistant plastic materials on the market, methacrylate becomes a much stronger and lighter product than glass. For this reason, today there are many who opt for the installation of custom acrylic glass or plexiglass partitions in their workspaces.

These mobile methacrylate partitions acquire 93% transparency and are considered a practically unbreakable material. In addition, they are a perfect thermal and acoustic insulator, fundamental characteristics to improve comfort and efficiency in any office or meeting room.

Mixed movable partitions

However, there are many office partitions that are made using different materials. Known as panels or mixed screens, these partitions to separate rooms can be manufactured in combination with many other materials, such as wood or melamine. So the options are endless and the combinations are limitless.

Do you want to increase the available space in your office without detracting from its visual aesthetics? Then, this type of partitions for offices is your ideal model

Mamparas de oficina | office partitions - Molins Design
Mamparas de oficina - Molins Design

How to choose the most suitable office partitions?

Next, we list some of the criteria or factors that you should take into account when choosing the best partitions to separate spaces in your office or workspace:

Screens that improve the entry of natural light

There are many benefits that natural light offers inside an office. In fact, in a previous article we already reviewed the 5 advantages of using glass walls to separate rooms. You can take a look now to remember our tips!

As experts in office design, from Molins Design we always recommend making the most of the light that enters through the windows and, ultimately, reinforcing this light with other artificial lamps or spotlights. In this way, greater visibility is achieved and will even improve the mood of your workers.

Made with durable and long-life materials

These separating elements must be rigid and resistant. Therefore, the use of materials such as glass, methacrylate or wood become essential to significantly increase the useful life of these office accessories.

Panels that are mobile and adaptable to space

In a work space as changeable as an office, it is ideal to acquire partition elements and office furniture adaptable to the space. That is, we can handle, put and remove, depending on our needs.

Easy to maintain and clean

Office partitions should be easy to maintain. At this point, it is so important that they help us to separate spaces, so that we can enjoy them 100% due to their easy handling and cleaning.

If you have in mind to design and build your own office partitions, do not hesitate to contact our team of interior designers. At Molins Design we advise you on how to distribute your mobile panels or partitions. In addition, we help you to combine them perfectly with the general style of your work area. Ask us now for your budget!