Design of gardens with swimming pool (Our Work Reflections)



The most appreciated outdoor interventions that one can carry out as an interior design studio are the design of gardens with a swimming pool. Either split into different green areas or creating a large joint area.

In this case, this was an intervention that was proposed around the project of building a pool, as the owners wished they had such a space to enjoy, especially with their grandchildren.

Diseño de jardines con piscina | Molins Design interioristas

The project: Beyond the construction of a private pool in Barcelona

As you can already guess from the end result, this was not simply a project of how to design a garden with a pool. This space included, inter alia, two outdoor dining rooms, a vertical design garden, the heated pool and special outdoor garden lighting.

All this distributed and bound in a large outer space, which we did not want to waste any square meter due to the role that had to take in the final script.

Although the pool was initially the center of the proposal, we had to consider other elements that enrich the space. In this way avoiding a generic design of gardens with swimming pool.

How to design a garden with pool along with other elements?

Suppose we are at the point where the pool, with its corresponding cover, is already built. It’s time to dress up your surroundings and give the briefing a little extra, trying to make it one of those luxury homes with pool and garden. The final touch to make it a luxury interior design project in Barcelona.

A good point to start giving your outer space wealth is to think about it already in the inspirational phase. Or, what is the same, start thinking about decorating outdoor gardens and decorating outdoor terraces.

Advancing decoration choices throughout your construction will allow us to incorporate or discard items based on their feasibility. In this case, a good example is the vinyls on the sides of the porch in a decorative way. The inclusion of these in the initial phase also allowed us to choose with more certainty what material they should be, what their sizes should be and also what the material will be for their application.

Design of pools and gardens, the challenge of creating a new environment

It is important to keep in mind that we are designing a practical area, but it is closer to leisure, after all. So comfort must prevail over decision-making.

We must create a calm environment, without hiding all the current vegetation or recharging the meters available in excess. But at the same time, provide all those services that may be useful for when space is used. A big challenge and a key aspect in the design of gardens with swimming pool and interior architecture as well.

For this reason, we emphasized creating a complete structure that integrated many and diverse functions, thus going a little further than the porches with pool and barbecue.

The complete pergola includes a living room, kitchen with barbecue, a small storage area and even a guest bathroom. For what can be considered a third dining room, attached to the single-family house, to which the garden in which we focus.

Diseño de jardines con piscina | Molins Design
Diseño de piscinas y jardines | Molins Design interioristas

Tips for Outdoor Garden Lighting - A Key Look

First of all we have to define what kind of lighting we want to place in outer space. We refer here to its method of installation and consumption. Depending on our choice, the installation will have to go one way or another.

In essence, and reviewing the options offered by the market today, we have LED based lighting, torches, electric lighting, fiber or solar energy. All of them have their respective advantages and disadvantages in terms of consumption and decoration, but this is a topic to delve into another time. The important thing is that the option we choose is in line with the general approach to garden decoration.

The wink to Patrick Blanc and the upright gardens

The proposal includes a vertical garden, inspired by Grand Master Patrick Blanc, who was the driving force behind these large buildings, especially in France.

In our case, the design vertical garden was reformulating the dividing wall with the adjoining property. Due to its proximity to the pool and the need to strengthen it with a solid structure, we implement different types of vegetation in it. Thus creating an original and innovative green mosaic.

It was also of great inspiration for the creation of this structure as interior decorators, one of our trips to Morocco, with its emblematic and very vertical Riads. These typical constructions are largely based on decoration, where vertical construction becomes relevant.