Design of single-family houses


One of the new construction projects that we are most passionate about is the design and construction of single-family houses. This type of housing, created and designed to improve the comfort and daily life of a family, are today one of our most demanding proposals.

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More and more of us are opting to buy a designer single-family home. In fact, there are many who during these months of pandemic have even thought of leaving their apartments located in the heart of the city, to settle in a house with garden or patio on the outskirts of the city. Today we come ready to talk about the design of single-family houses; the advantages and keys that make them the model of houses dreamed by many of our customers. Stay with us and discover in today’s article why these homes become one of our favorite projects.

Types of single-family houses

As its name suggests, a single-family house is one that is inhabited by only one family unit. Depending on its location and construction, this type of house can be detached, semi-detached or semi-detached. Let’s see below the characteristics that define each model:

  • Semi-detached houses 

These are homes that share a single wall with the neighbor’s, i.e., they have direct contact with the house next door. This type of houses are usually built in residential areas and share the same design and structure. However, each home is totally independent in its interior and can even have its own distribution.

  • Detached houses

These are a type of house built in an outside area or plot free of neighbors. These homes do not share a wall with any other house and, therefore, their perimeter is fixed by a totally independent garden area. This is one of the models of single-family houses more typical of urban areas with villas, located on the outskirts of the city.

  • Semi-detached houses (II)

This model of construction of traditional houses is characterized by sharing the two walls of its ends with the walls of the neighbor. These houses usually have a more elongated and narrower architectural design. They usually have some outdoor space or patio, although it is much smaller than in the case of semi-detached houses.

Advantages offered by single-family houses

From the study of architecture and design Molins Design we find it quite interesting to highlight some of the advantages offered by the design of single-family houses:

  • We are talking about a type of design and construction projects for the home with larger and more private spaces, both in indoor and outdoor areas.
  • They also offer more tranquility and family independence, unlike houses located in the center of the city.
  • Single-family homes can be adapted 100% to your needs, tastes and style that you have in mind. In addition, it allows you to take into account elements such as the layout and orientation of the different rooms.
  • You choose the construction materials you want to have, so you can think about choosing sustainable materials that help to save energy.
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How to design a single-family house?

Designing a single-family home is not an easy task, although in our studio we work following certain guidelines or keys that help us to create dream homes:

1.- Choose the location or plot of land

First of all, we study in depth the land where we are going to build the house. Only with this previous study we will be able to know the amount of square meters that the house can hold. As well as to know the type of slope or the type of soil. At this point, it is also very important to know if the plot has or not the installation of the main supply services (electricity, water, gas, etc.).

2.- Study the orientation of the house

The positioning of the house will be a fundamental decision to improve the comfort of our home. If we want to achieve the right balance between light, warmth and views, this point will have to be defined to perfection.

3.- Thinking about the best distribution of spaces

It is true that there is no perfect distribution within a home. However, we can arrange our furniture in one way or another, depending on our needs. Before starting the work it will be necessary to think and design a space with a logical and functional distribution.

4-. Execution of the plans and budget of the house.

With all of the above, we are now in a position to create the general planning of the house and set a budget. At this point it is essential to define the project of the single-family house, so that it fits 100% to what the client wants.

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Vivienda unifamiliar - Molins Design

Molins Design, experts in the design of tailor-made family homes.

In the interior design studio Molins Design we work to fulfill the dream of many people. Therefore, the design of single-family houses becomes one of our star proposals. If you are looking for a team of professionals, capable of becoming the soul of your new construction project, do not hesitate to contact us!


In search of bioclimatic single-family homes

We are experts in interior design and interior design of bioclimatic houses. In any new construction project we seek the best use of light, as well as the natural advantages occurring in the context and location of the house. All this, to achieve comfortable and energy efficient homes. Learn in our article on bioclimatic house design the characteristics of this type of ecological housing, as well as its criteria and basic construction techniques.

Faithful followers of the Passive House model

From the architecture studio Molins Design we work in favor of the construction and design of passive houses or Passive House. The advantages they offer are innumerable, turning the single-family houses of the moment in true paradises of comfort and well-being. In addition, and thanks to its 100% sustainable design, you have the opportunity to create a home for your family with great detail, as well as committed to the environment.

Facades of single-family houses

The facade becomes the best exterior presentation of our home. It is as important to reflect our personality and style in the interior decoration as in the exterior. Therefore, the facade we choose must match our tastes, but also with the rest of the interior architecture.

Single-family staircase design

How much space is required to make a staircase? What type of stairs take up less space in a single-family home? If you need some ideas on how to build access to the second floors in your home, you need to think about and design a staircase model adapted to your needs and home style. A staircase can be more than just a construction element. In fact, nowadays these architectural pieces are designed with the most sophisticated finishes and materials. Some are even designed to take advantage of the bottom of the staircase as storage space.

Construction materials: choice and arrangement

The choice of materials is a key factor for the design of single-family houses. Choosing and listing the raw materials with which we will design the interior of our home is essential for it to combine with our tastes and style. Therefore, from Molins Design we choose the decorative elements and construction materials that are at the height of any home.

The importance of interior layout

The choice of construction materials is as important as the interior layout. Making the most of the space of each room in our home is essential to enjoy the greatest comfort and convenience as a family. Dividing your home into independent spaces and personalized to your tastes will turn your home into your favorite place in the world.  

If you want to create a home with its own personality, ask us now for a customized budget. We will become your main advisor, planning and managing the procedures and development of the works of your single-family house. It is as important to choose the design as it is to fit the budget to your needs!