Trends in terrace furniture 2022


Discover the latest in designer terrace furniture: sofas, sun loungers, planters, tables and chairs that will complement your outdoor space to make it more beautiful and functional.

Muebles de terraza de diseño - Molins Design
Muebles de terraza de diseño - Molins Design


In today’s article we have raised review the furniture that we have most used in our outdoor renovation projects. Different terrace and garden furniture that have adapted perfectly to the environment worked, in addition to becoming fully functional and aesthetic elements. Let’s see what they are!


It is very important to explain that, in order to find the best garden, terrace and pool furniture, it is essential to take into account the outdoor space available. 

Another factor to take into account is the formal style of the house. It is clear that we will not place aluminum furniture in the exteriors of a house that has wood as a base construction material. Remember! It is necessary to adapt and combine the style of the terrace to the rest of the interior rooms of the house.

Taking into account these two key factors of exterior design, we now explain what are the most important garden furniture to place on your terrace or outdoor garden. As well as the accessories and complements that will help you create a more sophisticated and comfortable environment. 

Interested? Read on and take note of the latest trends in outdoor furniture.


Our interior designers set as a project objective to develop the type of outdoor furniture that the customer wants, always taking into account the style and the environment in which it will be located.

The outdoor sofas and armchairs become rest accessories that help to create a comfortable and elegant atmosphere. For this reason, nowadays they become one of the best designer terrace furniture.

If you want to offer your guests or family members a pleasant experience on your terrace or garden, be sure to place a sofa or two. These relaxing accessories can be made to measure, so that they adapt perfectly to the available space.

You can also think about placing different benches or day beds, as we did in the Mansan House project. A type of furniture much closer to the chill out style. Combined with some colorful cushions, you will get a unique and original style in your outdoor space!

Muebles de terraza de diseño - Molins Design
Muebles de terraza de diseño - Molins Design


The type of outdoor furniture made with natural elements will continue to triumph in recent months. Wooden furniture and other details in natural fibers will bring calm and serenity to our spaces. Meanwhile, grille and bamboo furniture will flood the decoration of gardens and terraces with charm.

This year, try to choose outdoor furniture in cheerful colors or pastel shades. Although, if you want to play it safe, it will be better to opt for outdoor furniture that combines the warmth of wood with aluminum profiles in black.

As for trendy coverings, terrazzo will once again be the protagonist of many stylish terraces. 


As we have already announced, the choice of the best design terrace furniture will depend on the space available and the style of the house. Although, here also comes into play to choose a type of furniture made with weather-resistant materials. That is to say, that support to the perfection the direct contact with the rays of the sun, the rain or the wind.

The truth is that the terrace becomes the main dining room of any home during the summer season. For this reason, it is essential to place a set of outdoor tables and chairs on our terrace or patio. A type of furniture that combines perfectly with the style of the house, besides being comfortable, durable and easy to clean. 

This year the braided outdoor furniture are trendy and fit perfectly in all environments, being very comfortable and offering a great visual lightness. The Bitta collection by Kettal, designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, gets several terrace furniture made by braiding different colored polyester ropes. 

In Bella Terrace you can see an example of this type of outdoor furniture. In this integral reform was located a large outdoor dining room with all luxury of details. Take a look at the terrace set that we chose for decoration!

Muebles de terraza de diseño - Molins Design
Muebles de terraza de diseño - Molins Design


The pots or planters design can serve to give that natural touch to our outdoor space, in addition to perimeter space available on our terrace. Undoubtedly, this last trend is the best to close the space of a terrace in a totally decorative way.

Jasmine, ivy, petunias, lavender, roses, rosemary, hydrangeas … The list of outdoor plants with which to give life and color to your terrace is very extensive. Of course, if you have them is to take care of them and make them look beautiful.


If you have a swimming pool, it is essential to have a sun lounger or two. This accessory or outdoor furniture offers the necessary comfort for sunbathing after a good dip.

If we remember the Casa Canigó project, we can see how the use of these elements or outdoor furniture were essential to make the bathing area much more comfortable for its owners.


No outdoor terrace design is complete without the right decoration. In fact, it is also very important to think of other textile complements to complete this versatile outdoor space.

For sofas and armchairs it will be essential to find the textile elements that best match the color and material chosen. In addition, outdoor rugs become one of the most important complements. They can be found in different materials: vinyl, natural fibers, polypropylene, etc. 


As for lighting, it will be vital to combine some design floor lamp with different light bulbs capable of illuminating the dining area. 

Following the latest trends, you can even opt for portable luminaries to move them to the space you need at the right time. Also interesting are the garlands with exposed filament bulbs, which add a unique festive and decorative touch. 

Muebles de terraza de diseño - Molins Design
Muebles de terraza de diseño - Molins Design


At Molins Design we work closely with the decoration of patios and terraces. We are passionate about outdoor spaces and we love to follow closely the latest trends in terrace furniture design. 

Being modern and very elegant, we always focus on the choice of a high quality outdoor furniture, which is also practical and functional. So much so that we work with the most prominent national and international brands in terms of modern outdoor furniture. Brands that offer designs with a unique guarantee of exclusivity and originality, as is the case of Kettal Group. 

Currently, these manufacturers of garden furniture bet on innovation and design in their entire collection. Modernity, elegance and exclusivity come together in each and every one of their proposals, creating an exclusive and timeless outdoor furniture, which can combine perfectly with the interior style of your home.