Design of outdoor terraces


If you are one of the lucky ones who has an outdoor area at home, you are interested in learning more about the design of outdoor terraces. Architecture and decoration projects in outdoor spaces are very complex. The truth is that, for your result to be optimal, several factors must be taken into account.

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For this reason, when we think about this type of work, different questions come to mind… How to create a comfortable and efficient shaded area? What type of outdoor furniture should I choose? Is it essential that the chosen terrace design has an outdoor kitchen?

If this summer you want to achieve a completely modern and functional design of terraces and gardens, do not forget to take a look at our designs! From our architecture studio Molins Design, we explain today what you should take into account when creating and designing your outdoor terrace.

In addition, we will take the opportunity to teach you some tips that will make a difference in that new outdoor space that you have in mind. Tricks that will be ideal to get the best location for your designer terrace furniture, as well as the pergolas, awnings and ideal lighting to make your project a success.

How to approach the design of terraces and gardens?

Today, whoever has a terrace has a treasure. These outdoor spaces become the perfect refuge for gatherings with friends and family. Without a doubt, houses with a terrace provide peace, tranquility and good vibes. In fact, the terrace becomes that place where we can enjoy the great pleasures of life; in it we can relax reading a book, rest and take a nap and even have fun having a cocktail with friends. All this, from the convenience and comfort that your home offers.

As we said, the design of outdoor terraces is booming. Proof of this is that our team of architects and decorators receives several projects of this type. Jobs that are usually carried out in large and complex homes, with wonderful and large outdoor spaces. In fact, from Molins Design we have already worked on a project of this type. An example of this is the chill out terrace reform that we did for a house located in the upper area of ​​Barcelona.

Outdoor terraces, gardens, and patios are special workspaces. For this reason, its construction requires the use of materials that can withstand any inclement weather. When it comes to the latest trends or ideas for modern terraces, the use of wood, stone, marble or ceramic stands out.


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Arquitectura mediterránea en vivienda del Maresme  | Molins Design


But, in addition to the construction materials, there are other factors to take into account before the construction of these terrace or garden spaces. For example, it is vital that the exterior architecture blends seamlessly with the rest of the house. Therefore, you cannot treat both spaces as separate sets.

Likewise, there are many other elements or components that can influence the success of outdoor terrace design. Next, we explain everything you need to know to custom design the terrace of your home:


Pavement and flooring design for terrace

If you are in the task of choosing the exterior floor for the patio or garden of your house, do not forget to know each and every one of our star materials. All of them are characterized by being products resistant to any inclement weather, very durable and decorative.

What is the best outdoor flooring? The truth is that there are different types of terrace flooring or flooring: wooden pallets, rubber or whitewashed stone floors, porcelain stoneware, etc. Take a look at each type of exterior floor covering and choose the one that best matches your home.


Diseño de terrazas exteriores - Proyecto Bella Terrace

The best terrace furniture

Bet on designer terrace furniture! On any terrace, it is ideal to get the outdoor furniture in which you feel comfortable. But, even more important is to get a set of chairs and tables that adapts to the available space.

The extendable tables become a good choice for large families. This type of furniture is usually accompanied by different outdoor design armchairs, hammocks and even garden chaise longues that allow you to create a comfort zone in the purest chill out style.

Shading systems: Design awnings and pergolas for terraces

When designing outdoor terraces, you cannot forget to create a shaded area to protect yourself from the sun, rain and even the wind. Many clients opt for the creation of wooden porches. Although, if what you want is something much simpler, there are also several protection elements. An example of this are the design awnings for terraces or bioclimatic pergolas.

The design of terraced kitchens

Today, outdoor kitchens are the perfect option for houses with gardens and pools. These work sets or types of kitchen become the ideal room to gather your friends and family for a special dinner.

In fact, all those faithful and lovers of the kitchen are fascinated by the idea of ​​having an outdoor space in which to cook together with nature. Many of them even create a barbecue area with a bar. There are a thousand and one design options for outdoor kitchens!

Design terrace and penthouse lighting

Outdoor lights, as well as decoration for terraces and gardens, are also essential elements for an outdoor design to be a success. Try to add the ideal light bulbs near the table, so as not to have shadows at lunchtime. And, don’t forget the decorative garland-type lights, which will give that intimate and personal touch to your outdoor space. Combine different types of light to get a really cozy outfit!