In 2013, we undertook a business project, which was a considerable step forward in our office. We changed our habitual perception of the projects as interior spaces and we went on to play on a different scale, where the work canvas was a plot of 18,000 square meters.

A former client purchased a plot to build 15 large-scale single-family homes in the town of Benahavis, Malaga, very close to Marbella.
The idea was to create a closed residential complex, where each house had a private garden with swimming pool, and also, they had common areas with sports and leisure facilities. All surrounded by vegetation to give privacy to each of the homes.
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The first important decision we made was to modify the terrain topographically so that all the plots could enjoy from the living room the fantastic views of the sea and get oriented correctly towards the sun. To do this, we reduced all the first line plots by one meter, and with the extracted, we increased the height of the plots on the back by one meter.

The unevenness of the land, meant to give a specific treatment to solve the accesses to the parkings of each of the houses by the outer perimeter, adapting the levels and releasing the land for the garden of the annoying access ramp. In this way the main avenue of the urbanization, with the central pedestrian access, was practically free of vehicles, except for the sporadic guests.

The design of the houses was defined by two different types, determined by the location of the plots. The first line of sea views; in which the program was resolved on the ground floor plus basement; and the second line, ground floor plus one, designed to gain height and get the same views as those located in the front of the site.

The transitions between the different levels of terrain were defined through subtle ramps, integrated into the terrain thanks to the vegetation.

The design of the houses on the ground floor was conceived with a marked vocation towards the exterior. The main axes of the house, articulated in the form of "L", allowed to define the visuals towards the garden, as cardinal points around which the different areas of the program were developed.

The bungalows plus one, also oriented towards the pool and the views, were conceived in such a way that the quality of the house, was defined by the interior spaces of greater volume in height, and the games of inclinations of the roofs outside.

For the aesthetic treatment of the exteriors of the houses, it was decided to continue with the local aesthetics, marked by the use of natural stone, in combination with the tile of the sloping roofs and the whitewashing of the walls. The effort that was made at the style level, was to try to refine the lines and finishes, adapting the proposals to a current context. It was for this reason that the tiles of the roofs were not blown up, or that the stone walls were planned as architectural plans contrasted against the white backgrounds.

The project liked a lot, and with the perspective of time, we can say that it was undoubtedly the best of the three proposals presented.

However, it does not always win the best project in this architecture, and economic restrictions made the developer decline for the proposal of lower cost and raised by the tightest construction, which did not contemplate resolving any of the strong bets of our proposal .

The feeling with which we stay is that we gave everything and we do not have anything left in the holster. It was a spectacular learning, which allowed us to face a posteriori other architectural projects of a similar nature.
In the end, one comes to the conclusion that work is always there and time is always well spent. It is coming out of your comfort zone where interesting things arise and where one grows as a professional

15 luxurious homes on 18,000 m²

Closed residential complex, where each house had a private garden with pool and common areas with sports and leisure facilities. Its location on a hill, made that we had to adapt them to the difference and try differently to each one to get the best views and easy access to the houses.


The access with vehicle of the owners was designed by the outer perimeter of the complex, (to free the central space leaving it for pedestrian use and sporadic access of services and visits), with direct access to the basement of each house, equipped with space for two cars or more, gym and service rooms.


The design of the houses on the ground floor was designed so that each space lived from the outside. The main axes of the house, articulated in the form of "L", allowed to define the visuals towards the garden, as cardinal points around which the different needs of the program were developed. The central axis and main access point, marks the division between the public and day zone with respect to the area of rooms and at night.

TYPOLOGY B - Ground floor

As in the previous typology, it is a house turned over to the exterior. In which the day zone and the night zone are separated by a central axis.

TYPOLOGY B - First floor

In these homes, a plant is gained to get visuals above those located in the front of the plot and thus also enjoy the views of the sea.


As in the other typology, the basements have a service area, parking space for at least two cars and a leisure and cinema area.