Today we bring you one of our latest projects: the INPROCESS corporate office design, a company that offers engineering services for the petrochemical industry in Barcelona. The entity presented us with an open-plan space of great depth to house about fifty people, and we got down to work to create dream offices. To do this, we look for the best decoration for modern and creative offices.

Would you know where to start if you find yourself in a workspace of more than 500m2 buildable? The truth is that office interior design is a challenge. For this type of project it is necessary to create a comfortable and functional space for a large number of people, while designing modern and pleasant offices. In fact, throughout our trajectory, we have already dealt with the design and decoration of offices. An example of this are our projects for Sogesa or Engel & Völkers in Barcelona.
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In the briefing that we did together with INPROCESS, we sought to generate a design of corporate offices that revolved around the style of the company.

It is important to remember that corporate office projects have undergone a 180º change in the last year. We are in the post-pandemic world of work, a sector characterized by telecommuting and offices with employee turnover. So, the new interiors of modern offices must now have proposals that facilitate the distribution of workers in a safe way. Therefore, it is very important to adapt to new changes and find the perfect balance between functionality, efficiency and space design.

Next, we explain each and every one of the details carried out in the new INPROCESS offices:

1. Design of meeting rooms and modern offices

The meetings were a fundamental element to take into account when proposing the design of the INPROCESS corporate office. The distribution of rooms helps to create a much more pleasant office design for workers and for possible visits that may be in the company. Therefore, our proposal for this company placed the management rooms in the southern part of the building, offering natural light throughout the day.

Likewise, it was thought of creating a second private visiting area. This workspace becomes the ideal place to hold intimate meetings with optimal lighting.

As we mentioned, in INPROCESS it was essential to offer a space in which to make presentations both internally and externally. For this reason, acoustic separation becomes a fundamental element to offer the best attention during presentations. Therefore, the space was complemented with methacrylate partitions for offices in orange. Dividing elements that combine with the corporate colors of the company and in turn favor the entry of natural light into offices.

Being an engineering services company, it was also essential to create a server room with specific air conditioning for the machinery. In this way, correct maintenance of them is ensured. But also that the noise and heat generated by the servers did not affect the rest of the spaces.

2. A beautiful reception accompanied by large rest areas

The entrance to the offices offers a cozy space, with a counter to present the company as soon as you enter. In the hall there is also a splendid sofa area, created to ensure a comfortable wait for visitors.

Another essential space in the INPROCESS corporate office architecture was the rest or dining area. This room is where workers can eat or even hold small meetings. Therefore, it was thought to create an area separate from the rest of the rooms and with good ventilation. All this, so that odors and noises do not interfere with the rest of the work areas.

3. An adaptable and functional furniture

Being a company focused on the energy sector, the inspiration when choosing materials and colors was simple. They opted for black and gray tones, which are so reminiscent of coal. In fact, this material is a source of energy par excellence throughout history, and that is why this small tribute was paid to it.
But, they also opted for orange tones, this being a lively and energetic color. This chromatic range or color palette also combines perfectly with the type of company, generating a work environment full of vitality.

The materials chosen for the INPROCESS corporate office follow the chromatic line chosen for the decoration of the work area. They opted for pine wood furniture, combined with a methacrylate in orange tones for the dividing partitions in the office. The decorative carpet was also created in shades of orange, to generate brand presence and intensify a more energetic atmosphere.

4. A decoration based on the corporate colors of the company

The use of moodboards and presentations helped when choosing designer furniture. At all times the harmony between the different office furniture is present. For this reason, tables, office chairs, materials and colors combine perfectly in every room in the office. In fact, each piece or furniture chosen becomes an important design component. We are talking about unique design furniture, which serves to show the client the general idea of ​​the spaces that make up the office.

A safe bet for office interior design are bench tables. These facilitate the rotation of workers and help maintain a safe distance between those present in the office. In addition, such office furniture fosters new work dynamics that are very favorable for the work environment.

Would you like to see an image of the INPROCESS offices? Here we leave you some photos! Do not forget to watch the video where all the reform carried out in these new offices in Barcelona is explained.
Oficina corporativa Inprocess entrada | Molins Design
Oficina corporativa Inprocess sofa de diseño | Molins Design
Oficina corporativa Inprocess zona de trabajo| Molins Design
Oficina corporativa Inprocess despacho direción| Molins Design
Oficina corporativa Inprocess mamparas| Molins Design

Efficient and focal lighting

The lighting installed in the Inprocess corporate office relies on a decontextualized concept of the company's day-to-day life. Likewise, technical elements used are taken as a reference and adapting them in the decorative proposal.

Oficina corporativa Inprocess iluminación | Molins Design
Oficina corporativa Inprocess mobiliario de oficina | Molins Design
Oficina corporativa Inprocess sala de reuniones | Molins Design

Orange and black as corporate colors

In the meeting rooms the general environments are separated thanks to the placed vinyls. These follow the rhythmic shape of the overall architecture of the space, combining the corporate colors (black and orange) to perfection. In this way it is separated, hidden and favors the passage of natural light.

Oficina corporativa Inprocess mobiliario de comedor | Molins Design
Oficina corporativa Inprocess armario servidoresr | Molins Design
Oficina corporativa Inprocess mamparas de cristal | Molins Design
Oficina corporativa Inprocess baños | Molins Design
Oficina corporativa Inprocess mesa reuniones | Molins Design
Oficina corporativa Inprocess sofa de diseño | Molins Design