Design and decoration with art for penthouse in Sant Gregori (Girona)

Rochi becomes one of our most unique design and decoration projects with art. Thanks to its characteristic journey through the world through art, this dream penthouse acquires different modern designer furniture. As well as many other contemporary art paintings and countless decorative objects that demand to be observed in detail. 

Located in one of the quietest neighbourhoods in the city of Girona is this wonderful home of more than 150 m2. Its semicircular floor plan makes it peculiar in itself, but it is only the first architectural curiosity of the house. Likewise, all the spaces have a strong personality and a great luminosity. So much so that, Molins Design faced the creation of new design interiors as if it were a blank canvas.
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If there is one thing that stands out about the interior design and decoration of this home, it is the large dose of imagination and creativity that floods each space. Thus, each room becomes an independent area, different and with a strong personality, as well as the whole house.


The living room is the room with the most architectural details. Among other reforms, we highlight the location of a spectacular designer fireplace in the centre of the room, which creates a warm and relaxed atmosphere in the living-dining room. As for the decoration, we highlight the use of unique pieces of furniture, many of which are considered heirlooms.


Both the living room and the bedrooms of the house have an exterior exit or terrace that has been looked after down to the smallest detail. Unlike the bedrooms, the terrace in the living room area is the one that acquires a more relaxed area, with sofas and a perfect chill out area to fully enjoy the good weather.


The pieces of art are surprising and stand out; from small luxury pieces, paintings or even the furniture itself. In bright colours and combined to the maximum with the rest of the decoration of the space, these design objects generate controlled contrasts that invite us to discover, little by little, the whole of the home.

All its beauty and sophistication is perfectly combined with the comfort of the spaces. In this way, the Rochi Penthouse has numerous spaces where you can rest, have a good chat or read comfortably. Likewise, its design and decoration with art invite you to do so. On the other hand, the lighting plays a very important role, enhancing corners and objects that must be seen.
Diseño y decoración con arte en ático de lujo


Is it a painting or a window? Is it a mirror or a hallway? Neither the paintings nor the mirrors are the ones we know. Hanged pictures providing visual games and decorative trompe-l'oeil. Where you expect to see yourself, you find art.

Diseño y decoración con arte en ático de lujo
Sofás y mobiliario de diseño en ático
Diseño de chimeneas


In the living room, the same block places television, fireplace and two retro-lit bookstores in shape of a column that define the limit. A unique structure that provides the comfort and warmth of a fireplace without having to give up technology.

Entrada de diseño en ático de lujo
Objetos de diseño para la decoración de salones
Decoración salón ático
Cuadros de arte para la decoración
Diseño de terrazas en ático
Cocina isla de diseño
Proyecto decoración interior ático - Molins Design
Design and decoration with art | Molins Design
Diseño y decoración con arte en ático de lujo
Design and decoration with art | Molins Design
Diseño de terraza exterior
Design and decoration with art | Molins Design
Decoración habitación ático en Sant Gregori


An outdoor lung with flawless views. We describe this terrace as an idyllic garden. Adjacent to the bedroom we find a terrace where its disposition and perfectly chosen plants embrace the space giving a feeling of protection and privacy.

Diseño y decoración con arte en ático de lujo
Design and decoration with art | Molins Design