A Challenge completed. Located at the front of the Barcelona seaside, it supposed an integral intervention, origin and final are completely different.

With a plant distributed in two levels, this house has all the services and amenities that you can ask a home. The whole house has a home automation system from where you can control everything, from electricity and appliances, to music. Natural light is also the main protagonist.
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We emphasize the fineness and rigor in the finishes of this project. Everything is born from the idea of ​​hiding elements and endowing the whole with the same aesthetic. The integrated baseboards, the absence of handles and the frames of doors and windows completely smoothed with the walls, enhance this idea.

The communication between the two levels of the house was a key point. With our intervention we gave it the importance it deserves and we place a staircase according to the environment, with very fine lines and above all integrated into the furniture both on the lower level and on the upper level, generating a communion between levels that make them a unique unity. It has an optical glass sheet fully embedded in the structure.

Following this route we reach the top. Previously it was an area that was not really used and was simply used as a sauna and a small gym. Currently, it is distributed as a room that acts as a union between two rooms, located on the sides, which have special lighting due to their location and their characteristic skylights.
Escaleras de diseño en dúplex Cormar  | Molins Design
Baños con espejos infinitos en vivienda Cormar | Molins Design
Salón comedor
Salón comedor dúple


It is not a house that stands out for its great color. In this case we wanted a discreet and discreet chromatism, with some punctual blues, clear references to the sea, due to its situation.

Mesa comedor dúplex de diseño en Barcelona  | Molins Design
Mobiliario de diseño para dúplex en Barcelona  | Molins Design
Mesa con sillas comedor de lujo  | Molins Design
Decoración dúplex de diseño en Barcelona | Molins Design


A suite that is already seen with the naked eye very complete. Its dressing rooms and dressing rooms make references to the retail world and are integrated with the furniture and the padded panels on the walls.

Suite de diseño | Molins Design
Dormitorio principal dúplex de diseño en Barcelona | Molins Design
Dúplex de diseño en Barcelona  | Molins Design


The house has 4 bathrooms, one for each member of the home. All of them are elegant without great extravagances and light tones that make them very bright.

Dormitorio principal dúplex de diseño en Barcelona  | Molins Design
Vestidor dúplex de diseño en Barcelona  | Molins Design
Armario vestidor de diseño  | Molins Design
Baños de lujo en dúplex de Barcelona  | Molins Design
Juego de espejos en baños | Molins Design
Segundo dormitorio casa Cormar  | Molins Design
Baño suite casa Cormar | Molins Design
Tocador dormitorio principal dúplex  | Molins Design
Dormitorio lateral con claraboya  | Molins Design
Sala de trabajo, despacho casa Cormar  | Molins Design
Dúplex de diseño en Barcelona | Molins Design