Urban whim converted into a loft house

The loft-style house that we have in our hands becomes a small urban whim with all luxury of details. Practical and functional, this house has a very peculiar interior design, with open spaces arranged in a very efficient way. In fact, one of the main objectives of this intervention was to improve the practicality of each of the rooms of the home, to turn them into avant-garde areas of a fresher style and to provide a greater sense of well-being.

To achieve this, our team of interior designers and decorators worked intensively on the 'open space' concept, making the most of the available space. Our mission in this urban loft in Barcelona was to increase the feeling of spaciousness in each room. All this, taking into account the decoration and interior design that best matched the style and tastes of its owners.

Below, we review the most interesting interventions carried out in this loft apartment. A project that we have enjoyed in every way; from the construction and setting of new corners within the house, to the choice of materials and its eclectic and timeless decoration.
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We start with the living room, one of the best kept jewels of this loft-style house. This space becomes the largest area of the house, which communicates with the rest of the rooms on the ground floor.

One of the most interesting aspects of the initial space was its grandiosity and a spectacular entrance of natural light to all corners of the house. We decided to take advantage of these key points of the living room and added other elements that made the space more comfortable and convenient.

On the one hand, and taking advantage of a wall with an exit to the outside, we placed a large format gas fireplace. This element, together with the television cabinet, recreates one of the most interesting spaces in the house. In addition, and at the request of the client, a bookcase cabinet was added to improve domestic storage. A reading space that gains prominence within the space, thanks to its wooden structure in natural oak and its backlit shelves.

Both the sofa and the coffee table in the living room are Molins Design's own elements or product designs. The table includes a simple L-shaped base, which rests on a glass box. While the sofa combines both in color and style with the chromaticism of the room, including a set of textures that make it very comfortable. Para finalizar la intervención del salón, ubicamos un par de hornacinas o nichos empotrados en la pared, que incluyen piezas artísticas de decoración sofisticada.


Esta casa tipo loft cuenta con una cocina con isla construida a base de porcelánicos de gran formato. Sus armarios, un tipo de mobiliario lacado en color blanco, se fabricaron para que se abrieran y cerraran de forma independiente. Por lo que, obtenemos una cocina automatizada, en la que es mucho más sencillo cocinar y realizar las tareas diarias de limpieza. A un lado de la isla, ubicamos unos taburetes de cocina con respaldo, para aprovechar el espacio como una barra americana en la que poder comer o tomar cócteles con amigos y/o familiares.

Para ocultar el lavadero, que se encuentra unido a la cocina, incorporamos una pared de porcelánico que desdobla en sentido mariposa el dibujo. Un efecto estético que disimula la entrada a esta estancia secundaria, y que ayuda a seguir la continuidad visual de la cocina hacia el salón.

En el comedor encontramos dos espacios de gran importancia. On the one hand, we visualize the dining area, which has a large table type Mikado. In this case, we opted for a product design of our own studio: the Victoria table. We are talking about a type of ductile furniture, with simple shapes that works just like a sculpture. Its design was made with very special pearly marble finishes, which combine perfectly with the rest of the decorations. Together with the curtains, carpets and chairs in the living room, all the elements of the room acquire a play of colors between white and toasted tones.

On the other hand, and at the request of the owner, an office was designed next to the bookcase for teleworking. Undoubtedly, one of the most demanded options by our clients after the irruption of the pandemic in our lives.


The owners of this urban loft are fashion and design lovers. In fact, they told us that they would be willing to sacrifice a room in their apartment to reconvert it into an open, custom-made walk-in closet.

In keeping with the chromaticism of the rest of the rooms in the home, we created some large-capacity dressing room modules. In fact, we are talking about a mix of closed and open closets, with mitred edges and integrated handles. In addition, some extra drawers were added to store underwear, belts, ties and other accessories.

The bedroom, attached to this large walk-in closet, has a piece of great importance: a spectacular bedside cabinet. This large bench is made of dark oak wood and is covered with a velvet-like textile. For the bedside tables and the rest of the bedroom decorations, a geometric and timeless design was chosen. In short, an ideal set between furniture and decorations, which recreates an avant-garde and functional bedroom.


Una de las intervenciones más interesantes de esta pequeña casa tipo loft fue la llevada a cabo en sus baños, tanto el principal como el baño secundario o de cortesía.

Aunque de espacio reducido, dichas estancias del hogar aprovechan al máximo el espacio disponible. Para ello, diseñamos y fabricamos sus muebles interiores a medida y los presentamos en colores claros, para mejorar en todo momento la sensación de amplitud. Asimismo, optamos por jugar con la incorporación de varios espejos de gran tamaño para sobredimensionar la estancia.

Los artículos de grifería y sanitarios de ambos baños pertenecen a los últimos modelos de la marca Roca y adquieren todos ellos una tonalidad tostada que combina a la perfección con la línea cromática de la vivienda.
Casa tipo loft - Gaudir Apartment - Molins Design
Casa tipo loft - Gaudir Apartment - Molins Design
Mesa central salón con cristal - Molins Design
Mesa Victoria comedor - Molins Design
Casa tipo loft - Gaudir Apartment - Molins Design


Gaudir Apartment is one of the most thought-out urban whims. Its rooms are designed to make the most of the comfort of home, without neglecting the aesthetics of the same. An interior design that stands out for its practicality, in addition to its timeless and avant-garde decorations.

Casa tipo loft - Gaudir Apartment - Molins Design
Casa tipo loft - Gaudir Apartment - Molins Design
Iluminación cocina - Molins Design
Casa tipo loft - Gaudir Apartment - Molins Design
Despacho teletrabajo - Molins Design


One of the new corners of this loft-style house coincides with the construction of a study to telecommute comfortably in the living room. A space accompanied by a modern bookcase, which connects in 'open space' with the dining room and kitchen.

Diseño loft de pequeñas dimensiones - Molins Design
Casa tipo loft - Gaudir Apartment - Molins Design
Casa tipo loft - Gaudir Apartment - Molins Design
Casa tipo loft - Gaudir Apartment - Molins Design
Dormitorio Gaudir Apartment - Molins Design
Casa tipo loft - Gaudir Apartment - Molins Design


The dressing room in the master bedroom is a key piece of the intervention. Different modules, open and closed closets create an ideal space to keep in order any piece of clothing or accessories.

Zapatero vestidor - Molins Design
Baño principal - Gaudir Aparment - Molins Design
Casa tipo loft - Gaudir Apartment - Molins Design
Baño de cortesia - Apartment Gaudir - Molins Design