Modernity and sophistication united in this compact design furniture

Modernity and sophistication come together to emerge in this beautiful compact piece of furniture. An ode to elegance always with the permission of functionality

Holborn is born from the idea of the travel trunk, which once installed works as a block between two planes that has the ability to appear in its multiple functions. This occurs largely due to the absence of repeated forms and their versatility.
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It defines to this piece the famous district of Holborn, located in the British capital and with a long history in the development of the city. He shares with him the mixture of two apparently antagonistic concepts such as modernity and classic style, an atmosphere that is breathed in almost the entire city and reproduced in this piece as well.

With a strong presence, it provides sobriety and robustness as well as a sensation of visual lightness, achieved mainly by the brass finials and the transparent third.
Mobiliario de diseño Holborn | Molins Design
Mobiliario de diseño Holborn | Molins Design

Wonderful in and out

Its exterior is covered with natural leather dyed in black and the set of mirrors gives reflections that always lead to a sense of space. Indirect and soft lighting do it if it fits more attractive.


Roble teñido oscuro, Acero pulido brillo
Cristal de espejo ahumado