Interior design of a second residence in Costa Brava

Although the interior design of a second residence always allows more liberties, the characteristics and location of this detached house with views of the golf course, invited it even more.

Clearly influenced by Mediterranean-style architecture, it is defined in this case by the meticulous execution of simple concepts that extol the importance of the natural environment in favor of a beautiful symbiosis.
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The interior design project carried out by Molins Design of this second residence was developed between the Sierra de Les Gavarres and the Sierra de Cadiretes. In the small town of Santa Cristina d'Aro, belonging to the Baix Empordà. Where in the same way as in other coastal towns in the environment, during the 1960s there was an unprecedented tourist transformation.

In this case, golf was used as a tourist attraction, becoming one of the first courses in Spain. A risky bet around which a residential urban plan was developed consisting of more than one design single-family house, mainly intended for vacation tourism.

Casa Canigó is one of them, a design single-family house located on the top of the slope that embraces the entire residential complex, with fantastic views of the valley.


To try to adapt as much as possible to the preset script, the interior reform focused on the design of a modern house on one level, that is, on one level. For this reason, a topographic planimetry effort was made and the maximum suitable surface area was obtained for the house, as well as for the garden. A usual practice of our architecture studio.

The plan distribution approach is classic. A Mediterranean style architecture, without great architectural ostentations. However, inside there are elements of a design house on the beach. In this way, two volumes are planned that house the day areas with the night areas. Both areas are linked together by a backbone nucleus as a living room. The gabled roofs are made of native Baix Empordà tiles that intersect, generating interesting encounters.

On the other hand, the perimeter of the exterior facades has been made of exposed ceramic wall with reddish tones, giving way to a series of openings like balcony windows. These allow an agile and direct connection between interior and exterior space. In turn, in a section of the perimeter, the absence of large obstacles allow us to enjoy the views of the golf course. A vast landscape to lose your gaze.


Outside, two interesting low-deck spaces are generated, which depending on their orientation allow the development of the summer dining room or winter outdoor living room functions.

Between pines and oaks, and intentionally separated from the main house, an auxiliary architecture appears in a mimetic style to that of its older sister. Annex that is completed by a swimming pool that reinforces the vacation concept of this architectural proposal.


The interior design and decoration project has provided a profound comprehensive reform of the house. Above all of the interior design .

One of the main objectives was to turn this house into one of those houses with open spaces, where the unified dining room and kitchen are located. In this way, it becomes a single area of ​​family enjoyment, somehow an exercise in single-family interior design. The garage has been retrofitted into a spacious suite and a courtesy bathroom, which increases the capacity of this spacious detached house on the Costa Brava.


As we always mentioned, we believe that second homes have that creative freedom where the magic of experimentation comes into play, due in large part to that playful function.

The interior of this house is endowed with a marked decorative character in an eclectic style, which in turn is influenced by Mediterranean-style interior design. Each object makes sense and evokes a memory of a trip or an experience lived with intensity. We also find works of art by artists from the area, while the textures and colors used blend with the Ampurdán's own aesthetic.

A house to be lived in as a family, a story explained through objects. An idea of ​​the concept of the comfort of the domestic space.
Diseño de interiores de segunda residencia | Molins Design interioristas
Casa unifamiliar de diseño | Molins Design interioristas
diseño de casa moderna a un nivel | Molins Design interioristas


La construcción de la pérgola permite disfrutar de los días más calurosos de verano, siendo ésta un oasis y descanso del sol.

diseño de interiores de segunda residencia | Molins Design interioristas
Diseño de interiores de segunda residencia | Molins Design interioristas


Con la reforma integral de la vivienda abrimos los espacios convirtiéndola en más participativa, quedando cocina y comedor integrados en un mismo espacio.

Cocina y comedor integrados | Molins Design interioristas
Diseño de interiores de segunda residencia | Molins Design interioristas

El diseño de interiores de segunda residencia, un punto más

Hicimos uso de la mencionada libertad creativa para crear rincones para compartir y convertir zonas habitualmente poco decoradas, en una sorpresa para los sentidos.

dormitorios modernos con baño integrados | Molins Design interioristas
Dormitorio diseño interior de segunda residencia | Molins Interiors interioristas
Diseño de interiores de segunda residencia | Molins Design interioristas
Decoración de segunda residencia | Molins Design interioristas
Diseño de interiores