The commission of this project, arose from the meeting with an old friend of the design school, who called us because he wanted to renovate the living room with fireplace of the house to which he had just moved to live. The house, located in a special location of Barcelona (The water road), had many possibilities due to its privileged position with magnificent views of the city, in a natural environment.
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Seeing the possibilities of housing, we proposed to make a radical change in the concept he had. The apartment was divided into two because of the service staircase, which served only and exclusively to access the deck. On the ladder was the key to the project, that's why one of the first decisions we made was to change it.

What apparently seemed simple was not so much since it meant modifying the constructive element of access to the roof. The staircase should be a light and transparent element. We kept on rolling and said: why do not we make a crystal cube? that at the same time serves as access to the terrace and skylight for the whole house.

The idea worked, more space in the living room, a staircase that was integrated into the chimney cabinet and a fantastic entrance of natural light that bathed us all the ground floor.

A large table occupies the main space of the kitchen-dining room, an important piece in a wooden trunk with a leg that tries to make an aesthetic mimicry with the chairs of Konstantin Grcic placed on its perimeter. Coinciding in aesthetic criteria on the table we place a Roc lamp by Foscarini. The casual touch of the kitchen is given by the background blackboard, very practical for taking notes and making drawings, a slate that invades the entire wall and in which the access doors to the double room and the storage room are integrated.

To dress the terrace, the furniture we used was made by ourselves using sacks of different sizes that both made a sofa and a lounger, using specific fabric for outdoor Chivaso brand different colors with a braided finish. The circular center table was a creation of our studio, using the remains of the trunks of a sawmill as a horizontal support.
Terraza exterior vivienda | Molins Design interioristas
Decoración azotea exterior | Molins Design


The roof stopped being a simple element of constructive completion and became a fantastic terrace with views of the city. The perimeter parapet of the roof was transformed into a glass railing that gave it complete transparency. For the termination of the floor we used a Timbertech synthetic pallet that helped us to level the slopes of the roof and allowed us to reach the height of the last step of the terrace. A different and expanded script that improved the general approach to housing

Cubierta acristalada para la terraza | Molins Design interioristas
Muebles rústicos para el hogar | Molins Design interioristas
Casa Altru, decoración interior | Molins Design interioristas
Escaleras hacia la azotea en vivenda Altru| Molins Design interioristas


In the aesthetics of materials, we bet to give an urban-country-chic approach. Oak slats aged in warm shades, which contrast with rough iron drawers. White broken for the perimeter walls, sofa upholstery in gray chinilla and Chester-type armchairs capitone in aged leather, have just given personality and character to the set. A practical "pouf" center with wheels covered with Andrew Martin fabric just in front of the fireplace, serves both footrest to place trays.

Reforma integral vivienda unifamiliar | Molins Design interioristas
Tejidos de calidad para decoración | Molins Design interioristas
Salón-comedor casa Altru | Molins Design interioristas
Sofá y diseño interior del hogar | Molins Design interioristas


One of the functional pieces to solve in the living room was that of the television cabinet. We solved it by killing two birds with one stone, on the one hand we covered an old opening, which with the current script did not make sense and on the other side we housed all the audiovisual equipment, leaving the television completely flush and framed in a piece of furniture made of wood textured oak.

Tejidos para la casa Altru | Molins Design interioristas
Salón reformado para casa Altru | Molins Design interioristas
Sillas de madera de roble en casa Altru| Molins Design
Habitación proyecto de reforma de vivienda unifamiliar | Molins Design interioristas
Baño suite casa Altru | Molins Design interioristas