Located next to Avda. Diagonal de Barcelona, this 170m2 apartment is located on the first floor of a residential building of the 70s.

With a unique architecture of excellent signature, in the context of what is currently defined in Latin American countries and Asia as a condominium, it is a house located in a building within a landscaped environment with all kinds of community services such as swimming pool, tennis, paddle, gym and others. These constructions were quite frequent in the upper area of the Diagonal, at the time in which this building was built, taking into account the low cost of the land and the attractiveness of the proposal.
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Due to the change of family approach that occurs in most households when couples reach the age that is around 55-60 years, the houses undergo a transformation that reflects this new family paradigm in which they find themselves. Suddenly one of the rooms of the children automatically becomes a dressing room, the bathroom is extended or integrated into the dressing room and the kitchen is renewed by appearing a central island or a table where you can eat.

The set of spaces are reformulated to house a two plus one, which is usually sporadic as a stealthy son or rather a grandchild visit. Having said that, we started working on a proposal in this regard. The distribution of partition walls was completely changed, we unified in a single hall, living room and dining room, all through a piece of furniture that at the same time made us a library, entrance console and library, all grouped in one integrating piece.

Finally, a unique aspect of this house was the will of the property that did not request in advance that each and every one of the constructive materials that we had to use should be of natural origin without exception, under no circumstances should the materials used be have potentially harmful chemicals.

This meant, on the part of our study, an intense work of documentation, looking for each and every one of the certificates of guarantee of the constructive elements that we were going to use, verifying that they were apt for this new sensorial perception of a domestic space.


For the great room we use the frequent resort of the sofa in "L" that allows to accommodate seated as many people as possible. The dining room, raised in a very simple way, is presided over by a large painting and a console that looks more like a worktop because of its formal simplicity, however serves as a container for table linen and other objects.


In the garden terrace, it was decided with great success, to install a folding aluminum system, thanks to which the dining room and the terrace once opened were integrated into a single space, also due to the chromatic unification of the interior pavements and outside. The furniture selected for the terrace is made of braided fabric resistant to the weather.


The kitchen, perhaps is one of the most avant-garde elements of the whole proposal, since it was initially raised from an almost surgical whiteness, was in later decisions when we started to give certain touches of wood and choosing a retro-type porcelain in different shades of brown . Wood as a material is only used in the vajillero showcase, in the construction of the niche and in the custom made table.


The brave proposal of the suite room combines in the same space, bathroom, dressing room and bedroom all integrated in a precise way, so that none of the uses to be resolved stands out above the other. The toilet and shower areas are separated thanks to translucent glass screens, which at the same time, thanks to the unique layout of the partition, which does not reach the ceiling, allows natural light to enter from the garden. The unique detail of the closet door handles made of sewn leather gives a hand-made touch and helps us break the monotony of the cupboards.


The wildcard room (which is what we call it) solves multiple use options in a single space, being able to change depending on the need. One of the built-in cabinets houses folding bunk beds, a sofa bed transforms half of the space in a double room and sliding doors properly retracted divide the space into two parts, plus a library cabinet with office adds a fourth functionality to the 25m2 more optimized since the design of Talgo.