Dream house in Diagonal Mar with exceptional views of Barcelona

To understand the integral reform of this apartment, it is basic to contextualize the space in which it is located, and in this case it is a floor on the 23rd floor of a building located in the Port del Forum of Barcelona, that is, a privileged location with exceptional views both on the seafront, and the fantastic city of Barcelona.
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Considering the above as a global context, the reform of the space wanted to take as main objectives, to enjoy the exceptional views and natural light from any space of the house. That is why it was decided to eliminate unnecessary walls and barriers and play in turn with transparent mirrors and crystals to give a greater sense of spaciousness, and at the same time be able to enjoy the views from any corner.


Thanks to the location of a large mirror next to the dining room bench, we converted a large initial handicap into a fortress, achieving a double benefit: visual amplitude of the space and transferring the projection of the sea views to the diners seated facing the wall.

talking would be to much

That this kitchen has everything: sea views, natural light, central island, dream wine bar, dining room and all the appliances and all the storage areas that one can imagine or need.


This fantastic suite is dressed in white in all its forms and textures, to enhance the sense of spaciousness and brightness of the entire space, together with the intentional game of mirrors and crystals that perform the same function.