The graphic of the walls tries to evoke the industrial past of the neighborhood. The walls are dressed with slate, where different illustrators will show their work, and with a mirror that allows a rich visual game communicating interior with exterior.

In an area of 95m2, we project an interior design subdivided into the following spaces: main double-height facade, library-lounge, dining room, kitchen and mini-cellar, all reflecting the characteristic Molins style, based on functionality, elegance, care for the detail and the exquisite use of textures and materials.
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In line with the global theme of Casadecor-Rumbo Sostenible, we wanted to emphasize to the maximum the use of elements in favor of a controlled consumption of energy, through the use of lighting control systems for home automation, LED lights with high energy efficiency, regulating taps of the flow and with systems of filtration by osmosis, or the application of aluminum carpentry with thermal bridge, for a better insulation against the cold or heat, among other elements.

As far as color is concerned, we wanted to enhance the light of the special site facing the sea, painted walls and ceilings in a broken white, enhanced in the main wall by applying a very unique texture. All this combined with a set of fabrics in earth and chocolate colors of very different origins, ranging from the trays for the elaboration of the chairs of the dining room, to the cottons and the raffias for the making of the curtains and the sofa.

El resultado de toda esta combinación de elementos, se resumió en un espacio único, en un enclave especialmente singular, que fué un vivo reflejo del característico estilo de interiorismo Molins.


In the foreground, there is the façade of the space, intentionally conceived in a reclined way, with the aim of creating a small garden corner at the entrance, making a small shed using iroko slats that leads to the large pivoting entrance door to space.


Just outside the door is the living room, where the enormous double-height library with arrhythmic distribution in stained oak takes special prominence, as well as its mobile staircase that gives great dynamism and versatility to the area. The placement of the sofa in the shape of "L" allows a comfortable positioning both for the enjoyment of the splendid views of the marina, and for the enjoyment of the home-cinema.


In a second plane of the space, is the dining room, whose design is raised by the singular use of a bench, which is at the same time seat and dividing furniture element with respect to the third part of the space, where the kitchen is located. Said dining room, with a wide table of almost 3mtrs in varnished oak wood, is accompanied by a vajillero furniture lacquered in chocolate color, which arises from the support provided by the adjoining library of the living room.


Finally, and at the bottom of the space, the splendid kitchen of the own design of the new Molins Cocinas line is developed, set up as a central island around which are the office furniture, cellar and storage cabinets of the different appliances, all using a contrast between black and white with glossy lacquered furniture, traditional white marble, steel and black oak.