Although the state of distribution and initial materials had many deficiencies, its owners immediately fell in love with its great potential and the generous presence of natural light that penetrated the main rooms of the house.
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The separation between day zone and night area was well marked at all times, but the great handicap to overcome was focused on the day area where the room was concentrated in a very narrow area and very limited space, since the kitchen of origin was a space initially closed and independent of the rest of the pieces of the house.

Being a family that likes to cook and receive friends and family at home, we wanted to take advantage of the separation between the kitchen area and the lounge area to create a "bar" as a natural snack corner / pre-gathering before any lunch or dinner.

In turn, the location of the dining room next to the terrace area was very clear since it is one of the areas with the greatest contribution of natural light and closest to the terrace area.

On the terrace in turn it was also decided to clearly separate the outdoor dining area next to the barbecue, from the outdoor lounge / solarium area.

In the barbecue area a food handling and cleaning area was projected, which in turn in the lower cabinets served for the storage of firewood for the barbecue and chimney. And in the outdoor lounge area it was decided to build the work sofa to make the most of the available space.

In the choice of materials for the transformation of housing, the choice of flooring was a key point that determined the rest of the interior of the same. Its owners, great lovers of parquet flooring, finally decided to opt for a large porcelain floor with the aim of providing uniformity and visual amplitude to the whole house (interior and exterior with the same flooring), by avoiding "cuts or changes "of soil that would have appeared otherwise.

In the sleeping area, the second largest room of the house was used for the small family room, and of the other two rooms of origin one was used to place the second bathroom of the house with a bathtub for the sessions of Bathroom so enjoyed by the little one.
Recibidor ático de diseño - Molins Design
Decoración de interiores en ático de lujo - Molins Design


From the beginning we saw clearly the possibilities that would be projected after converting the kitchen into an open space to the rest of the living-dining area, since in this way the narrowness of the room would be visually compensated with the new depth of the whole space after eliminating the walls that closed the kitchen.

Cocina abierta al comedor - Molins Design
Áticos con terraza - Molins Design
Barra americana en ático - Molins Design
Biblioteca ático de diseño - Molins Design
Áticos con terraza - Molins Design
Salón comedor en ático de lujo - Molins Design


After the choice of a porcelain rather aesthetic "industrial", it was decided to compensate for the lack of warmth that the parquet flooring had contributed, using this contribution of this material in the furniture made to measure in the library and the high bars of the kitchen. Likewise, with the furniture of the kitchen in black lacquered gloss effect was wanted to give a touch more cane and "sophisticated".

Diseño de chimeneas - Molins Design
Salón unido a la terraza - Molins Design
Áticos con terraza - Molins Design


It took advantage of a pre-existing chimney run that was walled up, to reopen it again and take advantage of the same printing for the new indoor fireplace, as well as to place a work barbecue on the side of the terrace.

Terraza ático en Barcelona - Molins Design
Áticos con terraza - Molins Design
Dormitorio vivienda ático - Molins Design


In the suite area it was also decided to bet on the demolition of the dividing walls of the only existing bathroom in the floor of origin, with the aim of integrating the bathroom as a suite inside the space, and try to project the maximum of natural light to the same.

Suite con baño - Molins Design
Dormitorio con vestidor - Molins Design
Baños de diseño - Molins Design
Dormitorio infantil - Molins Design
Dormitorio infantil - Molins Design
Baño principal ático - Molins Design
Baño con espejos - Molins Design