Penthouse renovation in Andorra

The work proposed for this duplex penthouse in Andorra has several interventions. A project designed to better redistribute the available space, in addition to including a living room and an office for teleworking. In addition to making the rooms of the home more open, another of the main objectives of the reform is to connect the kitchen with the dining room. In addition to adding a new aesthetic to this luxury home located in Escaldes, Andorra.

In recent years, the houses in Andorra have become quite a claim. The interest of the Spanish in moving to this valley surrounded by mountains and nature is currently a matter of debate. But only a few lucky ones manage to establish their homes in Andorran territory.

Today we are ready to show you a first roadmap for the comprehensive reform of a duplex penthouse in Andorra. We will talk about a 260 m2 house that has 5 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms, as well as a cozy and spacious outdoor area or terrace. With privileged views over the valley, the apartment is designed to receive visitors and accommodate an adult couple without children.
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We find a generous entrance that acts as a passageway and gives access to the upper floor, where we wanted to create a harmonious space with sinuous lines. Previously, it was a space that did not have much light. For this reason, and taking advantage of the two windows it had, we have designed a set of stretch ceilings from Barrisol, which create false windows and provide a sensation of continuous light throughout the area.

Since this access is transit, we wanted to give it a certain peculiarity through organic and round shapes to make it more pleasant. For this reason, we have designed the wall with curved and backlit windows at the top, as well as a round recess that is aligned with the furniture and the carpet.

The rug features a pattern specifically designed for this area. How much with different shades of wool in earth colors, which completes the feeling of comfort. The staircase has also been designed with steps in a curved finish, which together with the mirror on the side complement this sinuous atmosphere.


We access the suite through a dressing room. This custom wardrobe has the entire set of cabinets on the right hand side and on the left we discover an island next to several transparent cabinets on both sides. These serve as a shoe rack and storage for accessories. The island also has a transparent surface to place small accessories, such as bags or jewelry. This area has perimeter lighting throughout the ceiling, creating that sensation of continuous light in the cabinets.

Through the dressing room, we give way to the bathroom, which also has ample proportions, and in which we are received by a large dressing table with a round mirror that occupies the entire dimension of the wall. This continues below the shelf created as a sink. At the same time, the mirror reflects a free-standing bathtub, which rests on a large wall decorated with wallpaper with a chinoise pattern. On both sides of the bathroom, privately through the screens, we find the shower area and the toilet area.

In the night area we have given all the priority to the views, in such a way that the bed is in front of the window. The dimensions of the suite allow us to have a large headboard and a sophisticated dressing table.


On the upper floor there is one of the main rooms. In it we are greeted by a piano that gives way to a living area that follows the aesthetic of sinuous lines. A large round corner sofa and two armchairs are added to close off the space. Both the rug and the coffee tables follow the aesthetic concept of curved and rounded lines. We have given a relevant importance to the living room wall through an iron sculpture placed on a silk covering.

On one side of the living room we find a large library cabinet, which also serves as a container for the television and the fireplace. This bookcase is supported on a shelf covered in limestone, in the same way as the sliding doors that allow the television area to be optionally closed. The entire living room is designed totally focused on the fantastic views of the valley.


The dining room was a space where we found ourselves with the handicap of not having access to sufficient light. Therefore, we created a set of coatings based on mirrors that give us that feeling of duplicity of space. In turn, these mirrors are backlit, creating an atmosphere of magical lighting. The dining room is presided over by a large oval table in solid wood with different grain changes, which is dressed by chairs with an ergonomically shaped brushed gold metallic structure and the oval rug that delimits this furniture.

The large lamp suspended from the table is a very important piece, as it gives character to the entire dining room. It is made with a brushed gold metal frame that matches the chairs. In addition, a series of glass tears hang from it, which together with the mirrors give that sensation of finding ourselves in a unique and enveloping space.


The kitchen has a side light access, dog to give a greater sense of spaciousness, we generate a chromatic sensation of lightness. For this, we use light and organic colors in the materials.

We also chose the combination of light wood, a porcelain floor tile that simulates limestone and white wood for the water area. In the kitchen there is also a small office area in which we highlight the use of porcelain with very marked veins that simulate marble. We also incorporate a skylight through a Belux-type window.
Recibidor entrada - Molins Design
Recibidor entrada - Molins Design
Recibidor entrada - Molins Design


Converting the available spaces into diaphanous rooms was one of the main objectives for this duplex penthouse in Andorra. Luxury, functionality and dreamy decoration with wonderful views of the Andorran valley.

Recibidor entrada - Molins Design
Reforma ático dúplex en Andorra - Molins Design
Reforma ático dúplex en Andorra - Molins Design


The set of mirror-based coverings, together with the large suspended lamp that gives character to the entire room, create the sensation of finding ourselves in a unique and enveloping space.

Reforma ático dúplex en Andorra - Molins Design
Recibidor entrada - Molins Design
Habitación doble - Molins Design


In the suite of this duplex in Andorra, the priority is totally for the views, in such a way that from the bed you can enjoy contemplating the incredible landscape.

Vestidor suite - Molins Design
Recibidor entrada - Molins Design