Located in the small town of Saneja, is this stone and wood house, with a gabled roof. It is integrated in a row of semi-detached houses, so the owners wanted to differentiate it with a special interior design that gave it personality.
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Satisfied with the work done by our team in their main home in Barcelona, ​​they did not hesitate to entrust us with the reform of their second home, giving us carte blanche to develop a very personal project, with daring proposals.

The first decision was to take advantage of the double height of the lounge area to create a large "boiserie" of contemporary air, replacing the classic rustic fireplace with a modern design, creating behind it a complete storage area with cabinets and space for the TV , also integrating a vertical box to store the firewood. Said box fulfills a decorative function in its upper part, and purely functional in its lower section.

At the architectural level, the main action of the reform was to eliminate the dividing partition that separated the kitchen from the living room to get the room to project a sensation of greater visual depth.

To equip the kitchen, he opted for a very modern design furniture from the Molins Cocinas line, with a sophisticated point that gives the gloss black finish, with handles that give the original touch for its rustic contrast.


At the level of materials, it should be noted that one of the sources of inspiration was the nature that surrounds the house and "sneaks" in all corners of the interior. Tapestries were chosen that mimic the skin of animals, such as the fox in the dining room chairs or the cow in the pouffes that close the room, and pieces such as the rough coffee table, made with a real tree trunk. There are also nice winks, like the river boulders or the elk head that looks on the wall of the fireplace, made of natural wood.


The focus of the interior design of the housing clearly winter as a "refuge of mountain" intimate and cozy, arises from the fact that it is a second residence that is used exclusively during the ski season. To do this, they used a warm color palette in earth tones, with the grayish brown of the walls as the protagonist. Also the great profusion of wood and the choice of thick fabrics simulating skins help to increase the feeling of warmth.