Fireplace living room designs and ideas


Are you passionate about warm and comfortable homes and want to enjoy a corner by the fire in your home? The truth is that, observing a living room with a fireplace is a real pleasure, in addition to the warmth and comfort it brings to the space.

Therefore, from Molins Design we are going to highlight our best designs and ideas of living room with fireplace for rustic and modern homes. A list in which you will be able to see and decide with which design of fire flush with the floor you stay.

Ideas de salones con chimenea
Chimeneas rústicas
Chimeneas eclécticas

Types of fireplaces for the home

The design of interior fireplaces is really extensive and depends, in most cases, on the space available in the home. Although, also of the decoration and style that the client has located in your home.

What we can highlight today are the two types of fireplaces to place inside the home and heat it like any other conventional heating system. We are talking about the classic wood-burning fireplaces or the innovative gas or bioethanol stoves. Let’s take a look at their most interesting features:

1. Design of wood-burning fireplaces, the most traditional ones, which require a flue in the wall with an outlet to the outside and a building permit. These are made to measure and can be open or closed.

2. Gas stoves or bioethanol fireplaces, which are usually made of cast iron, and are easily placed anywhere, as long as there is a smoke outlet without bends.

Top 4 living room ideas with fireplace

So that you can get ideas and get your own style for the fireplace in your living room, here are our 4 best ideas for living rooms with fireplace… And you, which one do you choose?

1.- Wood, stone, cement or cast iron fireplaces

Wood is undoubtedly the star material in the architecture and design of mountain homes. This material brings a rural, traditional and very clean style to the house. However, due to the emergence of new styles and trends in the market, there are now other materials that match the comfort and warmth of wood, such as stone or cement. A fireplace that combines stone or cement with wood will always be a success, as long as you love the classic and traditional style of these elements for the living room.

However, if you appreciate modernity and want to give a more innovative touch to your home in the mountains, cast iron fireplaces are becoming a trend right now, since their installation is simple and requires no work. These earthy fire accessories, combined with different materials in stone or earth tones, can make your living room a warm and cozy room.

Ideas de salones con chimenea
Ideas de salones con chimenea

2.- A chimney made sculpture

In certain projects of reform is trying to give the fireplace the importance it has within the living room. Therefore, opting for an elegant design and straight lines can be a success.

If inside we place candles or other decorative accessories, in addition to having an ecological and economical heating system, you will have an excellent decorative piece.

Opting for the aged effect is also a success, especially if we combine the moldings on walls with high ceilings and a nice parquet.

In some of our projects, we have even turned the fireplace into a room divider, taking advantage of a wall or wall of the room to embed this element of warmth and comfort.

Chimeneas hechas escultura
Ideas de salones con chimenea

3.- Living rooms with timeless and eclectic fireplaces

The interior design in mountain houses has no limits, it does not understand rules or styles. As long as the space is functional, you can place in the dining room elements of different shapes, colors and fabrics.

In fact, a growing trend is minimalist fireplaces, which blend in with the rest of the living room decor, as if it were just another piece of furniture. In these interior designs, less is more. In fact, these fireplaces can go unnoticed, because they are usually embedded in the wall. A way to have a wood-burning fireplace at home without sacrificing the aesthetics or the homey atmosphere that these heating elements provide.

From Molins Design we are also passionate about discreet fireplaces, which are perfectly integrated into the wall. These closed fireplaces, in addition, hold heat better and allow to take advantage of up to 80% of the combustion material.

Chimeneas minimalistas
Ideas de salones con chimenea

4.- Corner chimneys

The best fireplace living room ideas are, without a doubt, those that adapt to the living room and take advantage of every space in the room. Fireplaces placed in a corner are very cozy and fill the space in the most practical and functional way possible.

The fireplace does not always have to be the center of attention in a living room. We can also place it in a corner and give it the importance it deserves to other elements of your dining room, such as a bookcase or any other decorative object.


Trendy colors


The combination of black and white is a trend in avant-garde living rooms. Although, if we surrender to the classic rural and mountain style, pastel and earth tones are those that take special relevance.

In fact, in our latest renovation projects for mountain houses in the Cerdanya, our clients opt for wood and stone, as well as pastel and toasted tones for the interior design of their fireplaces.


How to decorate a living room with fireplace? Other decorative elements


The main thing is to use natural fibers and fabrics that match the rest of the furniture in the room. Thus, rugs in front of the fireplace are a great choice. In addition, if you combine them with the sofa or the armchairs in the living-dining room, you will turn the space into an oasis of peace and relaxation. You can also place a low table and enjoy romantic evenings in front of the fire in this corner.

Having a niche next to the fireplace to store firewood will be functional and will improve your comfort inside the home. Think about this option if you want to put functionality before aesthetics.

Although, if you really want to dress your fireplace with the decoration it deserves, it is vital that you have different candles, pictures or plants. Decorative elements that will really bring personality to your living room.

We hope these fireplace living room ideas have helped you discover the style you want to place in your home. Do not forget to take a look at our designs of rustic houses in the mountains to finish glimpsing your dream rooms.