Design garden enclosures


Do you want to enjoy your outdoor space in the safest way and avoid the curious eyes of your neighbours? Concealment systems for the garden enclosures are nowadays the best option to have a bit of privacy on your terrace.

In fact, there are many clients who ask us to provide a solution to this type of problem when creating their new terrace design. The truth is that, for the Molins Design team, garden enclosures are also a key element of design; structures capable of bringing light and freshness to any outdoor area, as well as becoming the fundamental decorative element of the patio or garden in question.

Stay with us today to discover the types of enclosures you can install in your outdoor space, as well as the benefits of having this architectural element outside your home.

Why is terrace fencing important?

There are many reasons why it is essential to perimeterize a terrace or garden. We are going to highlight the two reasons that seem most interesting to us. The first and most obvious: to increase privacy in the outdoor area or terrace.

That is to say, many of the owners who ask us for help with the reform of their outdoor space, present us with the creation of garden enclosures as a key factor. Something that is essential for them to get rid of the prying eyes of their neighbours. If the properties are of high standing, they also ask us for these enclosures or fences to be designer and to combine perfectly with the style and decoration of the rest of the house.

The second most important reason why you should fence your outdoor space is for security. Many families resort to this type of concealment system to perimeter the outdoor patio area.

Types of garden enclosure

Enclosing your balcony, terrace or garden for greater privacy is crucial to enjoy an outdoor space away from prying eyes.

For this reason, there are currently many brands that offer various types of fences or enclosures for designer gardens. A wide catalogue of elements or separation accessories for the garden, made of all kinds of materials, so that you can choose the ones that best combine with the style of your home.

Below, we will take a look at some of our favourite proposals. Take note!

Aluminium garden enclosures

Metal or aluminium is one of the most popular materials when it comes to garden enclosures. In fact, this metallic material is one of the most resistant to rust and, therefore, capable of withstanding any inclement weather without degrading.

There are many designs of terraces that have a fence made of an interlocking material and pre-galvanised or enamelled finishes, to offer the garden a most captivating aesthetic.

PVC garden enclosures

Decorative PVC panels are also a perfect choice for those who want to perimeter the garden in an easy way and making use of a material that is easy to clean and maintain over time.

Many of the garden screening accessories made from this type of technical plastic offer attractive shapes and styles. In fact, its main advantage when applied to garden enclosures is its ample resistance.

Wooden garden enclosures

If you want to save on the enclosure of your patio or garden, without giving up the charm of a material known for its incomparable warmth, then go for wood.

Although this material requires special maintenance and care, it is undoubtedly the star product for terraces and gardens. The comfort offered by wood is, without a doubt, unequalled by any other material on the market.


At this point we are proud to recall the planters that we created as a fence or lattice for the terrace in the VIB Terrace garden. In this exterior renovation project we opted to include an element that continues the space, which in turn functions as a perimeter enclosure of the garden area of the house.

These planters were built with the aim of becoming a key and decorative element of the proposal. The same is true of the Bella Terrace design. If you take a look at the project, you will see how this terrace is located in an endless space. That is why we decided to enclose or perimeter the outdoor area by making use of some planters made of stainless steel.

These elements, which also serve as exterior decoration, allowed us to create a background or plant background to gather the space. And you… What do you think of our latest garden enclosure proposals? Let us know which fencing project or concealment system you prefer, we’ll read you in the comments!