Why should you hire an interior designer in Andorra to elevate the design of your home?


Hiring an interior designer in Andorra can elevate our home to the next level, making it a practical and functional space.

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If you don’t have much sensitivity or taste for decorating your home, maybe it’s time to think about hiring an interior designer to make your living space a much warmer and comfortable home. With their help you will be able to combine your favorite colors with furniture and accessories that you had never thought of before. Elements that, once placed, will take the prominence they deserve and will bring out the best part of your property.

In addition, having the help of experts in interior design and decoration, can be the ideal option to improve any available space in our home. Reforms can be carried out to accommodate different trends, without losing one iota of the natural aesthetics of our home. That is to say, we can be part of the change and intervene in the creation of new spaces and new elegant and sophisticated decorations.

We cannot forget that, going to an interior design studio in Andorra assures us to get the housing project we have always dreamed of. Architects, interior designers and decorators will work to achieve the perfect living room, kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms in which to develop our daily tasks. Without forgetting, of course, the outdoor spaces such as patios, terraces and gardens with swimming pool; outdoor relaxation areas, ready to become that oasis of peace and tranquility desired by many.

Do you want to know why it is worth hiring an interior designer in Andorra? If you live in the Principality, read on carefully and discover the renovation or interior design projects that will take your home to another level.

Contratar interiorista Andorra - Molins Design
Contratar interiorista Andorra - Molins Design


In some other article of our blog, we have already talked about the rules of interior design in Andorra. The unconditional love for mountain architecture joins other keys such as comfort and warmth of the furniture or the choice of natural materials. The fact is, Andorran homes usually include large spaces with timeless, fresh and simple decorations.

However, most contemporary homes that we find in the area continue to include in their interior design touches of classic and rustic style, with accessories and other textile elements that remind us of traditional mountain huts. Hence, leather, linen and cotton decorations continue to be the star pieces of Andorran interior design.

Reasons to hire an interior designer in Andorra

Here is our list of 10 reasons why you should have an interior designer in Andorra:

1.- Achieving a comfortable and functional living room

The dining room or living room is usually the area of rest and relaxation in which we usually spend more hours, apart from the bedroom. Therefore, and depending on the style you have in mind, your interior design team in Andorra will recommend a new distribution of space.

Getting a diaphanous and multifunctional living room, which can adapt to your daily activities, will be vital. Therefore, you must have new furniture, materials and textiles that match your tastes. By the way, in this living space we cannot forget the importance of natural light and its combination with lamps and artificial light bulbs.

2.- Create the kitchen of your dreams

The kitchen is, without a doubt, a meeting space. Hence, the comfort and functionality of this area of the house is so important, whether you are a lover of gastronomy, as if you are one of those who practice subsistence cooking. The design of modern kitchens today includes several elements: American bars with stools, central islands, countertops of all kinds, etc.

In many cases we do not have enough linear meters to create a large workspace. But, thanks to the tips and tricks of an interior designer, you can get to equip (in great detail) the kitchen of your dreams. 

Cocinas de diseño Andorra - Molins Design
Cocinas de diseño Andorra - Molins Design

3.- Renewing the feeling of rest in bedrooms

A bedroom decorated by an interior designer becomes a wonderful resting place. This is where textiles and colors will soothe you every night. You will be able to participate in the choice of everything and your interior designer will not let you make a mistake: he will recommend you those fabrics or shades that best match your bedroom and will tell you how to choose the rest of the decoration: carpets, paintings, bedside tables, flowers… An endless number of details that will make it a very special space!

4.- Extend the practical space of the bathroom

Both for main bathrooms as well as for guest bathrooms. The bathrooms of a home are part of the most basic spaces of a house. That is why it is essential to take advantage of every square meter and place the furniture or decorative elements that will best match our tastes and preferences. 

Contratar interiorista Andorra - Molins Design
Contratar interiorista Andorra - Molins Design
Contratar interiorista Andorra - Molins Design

5.- Convert the outdoor terrace into a beautiful outdoor space.

If you have outdoor spaces, it is ideal that you think about how to make the most of them in the spring/summer season. A garden or terrace is not only designed to place plants, but you can also add other important construction elements, swimming pools, outdoor kitchens, chill out areas to relax with friends and family, etc.

Think about your lifestyle and create the terrace or garden area of your dreams with the help of your interior design team in Andorra. 

6.- Adding new spaces to the house

With the arrival of the pandemic to our lives, many of us have added new spaces to our homes. This is the case of studios or work offices, which in a forced way have come to stay.

But, there are also many who have decided to add gym rooms or game rooms in forgotten rooms. The fact of being enclosed for longer in our home makes our daily routines change and, therefore, our interior spaces.

Suites de lujo en Andorra - Molins Design
Suites de lujo en Andorra - Molins Design

7.- Combine new furniture and decorative elements.

In many houses in the Principality we can find light-colored wooden furniture; a type of furniture that is usually of pure lines and smooth surfaces. The truth is that, nowadays, simplicity and adaptability in furniture is the preferred choice. 

At the same time, bouclé wool upholstery is becoming the latest in contemporary home decor in Andorra. Their warm and fluffy look will be a marvel for your senses. However, materials such as leather, linen or cotton are also on the must-have list. 

8.- To have professional and personalized advice.

Hiring an interior designer in Andorra will make your home project a success. Architects and interior designers will give you the personalized advice you need and will avoid many problems. They will recommend the materials you should buy and will guide you in a personalized way to get the house of your dreams. 

Their support and dedication will be essential for functionality and aesthetics combine perfectly in your home. But, also, so that the reform does not go out of the initial budget you had in mind to spend.

9.- Forgetting the reform formalities

You will leave behind all the paperwork involved in an interior design reform, as the team of interior designers in Andorra you hire will do everything for you. They will ask for the relevant work permits and will carry out the incidents that arise throughout the reform project, until the delivery of keys. 

10.- Adjusting a real budget for renovations

The advantage of hiring an interior designer is that at the beginning you set the amount of money you plan to spend. It is at this precise moment when the contracted team gets down to work, working on the basis of your requests. All this, without forgetting the optimization of the initial budget of your project, to avoid the slightest deviation.

In Molins Design we work any type of domestic intervention in Andorra. If you are thinking of reforming and creating that dreamed space and totally adapted to you, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to know your ideas and advise you to make them come true, contact us! 

Espacios de lujo Andorra - Molins Design
Espacios de lujo Andorra - Molins Design