Hiring an interior designer, key aspects


When we get ready to perform an intervention in our home, as we have always said, it is advisable and logical hiring an interior designer. Having the leadership of an interior designer will completely change the project, the times and the infinity of possibilities that this one offers us.


Diseñador de interiores

1. Budget interior decoration

The economic aspect is an important and basic factor. Client expectations and interior decorator somehow have to approach, and it is important to communicate from the beginning, thus avoiding final surprises and the two parties will know where to place the limits and make decisions based on available budget.

At this point, leaving aside the assessment of whether it fits us or not, it is also important that it be divided by phases and all its conditions. Each professional has their own way, so that the billing method and the times are different.

There are those who prefer to make an initial budget including possible extras, or there are other professionals who opt for a phased system, that is to say, budget for stages under a very general estimate.

We do not opt ​​for one option or another, but it is important to know what interests us and what best suits us depending on the project.

2. Adaptability

One of the most important values ​​of an interior designer is that he knows how to position himself in the same plane as his client and he can listen to his requests, his tastes and ideas so that he can shape them and create an optimal result.

On certain occasions the client’s wishes and technical possibilities do not marry. It is then when the work of an interior decorator takes on relevance, proposing alternatives or solutions that adapt to the maximum to these needs.

Hiring a professional interior designer, capable of advising, guiding and listening to your customers is essential because the final result of the project is satisfactory.

3. Disponibilitat

An interior decorator needs to go several times to the space where the intervention is going to be carried out. Therefore, it is necessary to combine schedules and have availability for the interior design team to visit the site, make sketches, take measures, review stays and advances, etc.

Regarding the client, sometimes it is the case that resides abroad and can not go to the visits. In these cases, the professional is confident and is offered the possibility to go to the house with permission to perform it.

For its part, the interior decorators must make a weekly report of the state of the intervention so that the client knows the advances and the general state. A photographic tracking is carried out so that the client can track the evolution completely.

In the case that customers can attend the work in person, as a general rule, a weekly visit day is established, where both the client and the interior designer meet with the team of collaborators, always coordinated by the interior designer in question.

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