Keys to hire an interior designer in Madrid


Do you want to give a new look to your home? Gain exclusivity and do not lose functionality in your house or apartment design. Discover the advantages of hiring an interior designer in Madrid. 

Contratar un diseñador de interiores en Madrid - Molins Design
Contratar un diseñador de interiores en Madrid - Molins Design


When we are about to make an intervention in our home, as we have always said, it is advisable and logical to hire an interior designer.   

Even if you have very good taste, having the leadership of an interior designer will completely change the project of your home, the times and the endless possibilities it can offer. 

However, choosing the perfect interior designer for home renovation and decoration can be quite an odyssey. Many of our clients think that hiring an interior designer is something very exclusive, which requires a large investment, although it all depends on the professionals chosen and the type of reform you want to perform.  

Let’s see in today’s post how to hire an interior design studio in Madrid easily, simply and without making a mistake. What factors should you take into account to choose your ideal team of professionals, how much it can cost you and what benefits it will bring to your home.



One of the most important values in an interior designer is that he/she knows how to be on the same level as the client and can listen to his/her requests, decoration styles, tastes and ideas. Only in this way will he/she be able to shape them and create an optimal result.

Sometimes, the client’s wishes and the technical possibilities do not match. It is then when the work of a professional becomes relevant, proposing alternatives or solutions that adapt as much as possible to these needs. 

If you live in the capital, hiring an interior designer in Madrid, who is able to advise you, accompany you and listen to you, will be essential. Think about it so that the final result of the project is satisfactory.


The interior design studio team needs to visit the space where the intervention is to be carried out several times. For this, it is necessary to combine schedules and have availability for the interior design team to visit the place, make sketches, take measurements, check rooms and progress, etc. 

As for the client, it is sometimes the case that he/she lives abroad and cannot attend the visits. In these cases, the professional is trusted and is given the opportunity to go to the house with permission to do his work. 

For their part, interior designers must make a weekly report on the status of the intervention. In this way, the client knows the progress and the general state. A photographic follow-up is made so that the client can make a complete follow-up of the evolution.

In the case that the clients can come to the work in person, as a general rule, a weekly visit day is fixed. On that day, client and designer meet with the team of collaborators that have been previously coordinated by the studio. 


Many of the interior design studios in Madrid have agreements with decoration companies and expert collaborators in construction materials. This is essential to get lower prices and reduce the final budget of the reform you have in mind. 


Do you know how much it costs to hire an interior designer in Madrid? The budget of an interior design is an important and basic factor to take into account. 

It is clear that the expectations of the client and the interior design professional must somehow come closer. It is important that there is communication between both parties from the beginning of the reform, to avoid final surprises. In addition, owners and interior designers must set the limits and make decisions based on the available budget. 

At this point, leaving aside the assessment of whether it fits or not, it is also important that the renovation project is divided into phases and know all its conditions. As it is well said, each master has his own book. Therefore, the method of invoicing and the times are different. 

There are professionals who prefer to make an initial budget, including everything and possible extras. However, there are other interior design experts who opt for a system of phases, i.e., budgeting in stages under a very general estimate.

From Molins Design we can opt for one option or another, knowing what is the most interesting and convenient depending on the project.

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We hope that today’s article has helped you to gather ideas and make you aware of the importance of hiring a team of interior design and decoration professionals in Madrid. If you have any doubts or you want us to advise you to carry out your project, do not hesitate to contact our team of interior designers. 

We will be happy to advise you and accompany you throughout the process of your new home!