How to decorate a design garden?


Stay and discover the 10 best ideas to decorate a garden with an exclusive design. Learn how to combine green areas with relaxation and leisure areas to enjoy with your family this summer.

Decoración de jardines de diseño - Molins Design
Decoración de jardines de diseño - Molins Design


If there is something we are passionate about in Molins Design is the decoration of patios, terraces and gardens in summer. Spaces that, without a doubt, become the jewel in the crown and that we most enjoy accompanied by friends and family during the hottest season. 

Today we come loaded with 10 proposals, ideas and inspirations to decorate a garden with a unique and original design. Do not worry if your terrace or garden is located in the city! We tell you everything you need to enjoy a cozy and exclusive atmosphere in your outdoor area.    

1.- The design of swimming pools, a point in favor to create dream gardens 

Nowadays, to decorate a design garden it is essential to place a swimming pool or outdoor jacuzzi in which to enjoy and relax with the family. 

If you have enough space to create a designer pool in your backyard or terrace, do not hesitate to make it happen. The design of outdoor pools has become the best solution to face the high summer temperatures without having to leave home. Something that is very convenient and also adds extra value and revalues the price of any home. 

There are different types of pools; from the kidney-shaped pools of the 80’s, through the square, oval or rectangular models made to measure. Therefore, you can adapt the type of pool you want to your available space and create a unique and exclusive garden with pool

2.- Create a chill out space to relax in  

A garden decorated to relax can be a great success. The daily hustle and bustle to which we are subjected forces us to create spaces where we can relax after a long day of work. Even more so in summer, when high temperatures make it difficult for us to concentrate. 

From Molins Design we recommend you to create a small chill out area to relax once you finish with your daily task. A space that will function as a real refuge and where you can enjoy a good read, have a cocktail or rest with a nap or two. 

Remember! To decorate a comfortable and cozy garden design, do not forget to create your own relaxation space.

Cómo decorar un jardín de diseño - Molins Design
Jardín con piscina - Molins Design
Cómo decorar un jardín de diseño - Molins Design

3.- The trend of outdoor dining rooms with kitchens 

Outdoor dining is another of the most acclaimed issues of the summer. Therefore, to decorate a design garden it is essential to have an outdoor dining room with kitchen

Enjoy a shaded and roofed space to include a small fire element, such as a barbecue, and a small dining room. Do not forget to include the necessary table and chairs to accommodate all your guests!

The porch area is usually the ideal place to create this type of area, which you will undoubtedly use throughout the summer, to have lunch and dinner with your family and dearest friends. 

4.- Choose the most comfortable furniture 

Tables, chairs, armchairs, hammocks or hanging armchairs, etc. The options for outdoor furniture are endless! Although, from Molins Design we recommend you to choose the terrace furniture that best combines with the interior style of your home. But, at the same time, that are functional and adaptable to your outdoor space. 

Do not fill your terrace or garden with all kinds of furniture! The most important thing here is to choose the elements and accessories that you are going to use. Place them wisely and enjoy them so that your stays on the terrace are comfortable and convenient. 

When decorating a designer garden, you should also think about the materials used to make your furniture. The latest trend is to choose furniture of natural, sustainable and organic origin. So, if you want to gain warmth in your outdoor spaces, choose furniture made of wood or natural fibers, as well as textile accessories made of linen, cotton, raffia or wicker. 

5.- Don’t forget to decorate with plants! 

In outdoor spaces it is essential to have a natural and cozy decoration. Therefore, for Molins Design it is essential to implement the decoration with plants on patios and terraces, to feel in the middle of nature even if it is very close to the interior rooms of the home.  

Having a well-kept lawn where you can sunbathe or add all kinds of plants in gardens is essential to make us feel alive. If you are passionate about gardening and you want to learn how to decorate a designer garden… Go ahead and create true oases of peace and nature inside your home! 

However, if you are one of those who do not have much time to keep the garden in good condition during the summer… Take note of the following tips!

  • Don’t worry about weeding your garden. Skip the lawn and add decorative stones or easy-to-clean outdoor pavers. 
  • Add some outdoor plants to give your outdoor garden design that touch of naturalness it deserves. You can opt for low-maintenance species, such as climbing plants, which can even create a beautiful canopy or trellis to protect you from the sun and the prying eyes of your neighbors.
  • Place small evergreen trees that provide shade every day of the year, as well as creating a cozy and natural environment.
  • Choose rustic plants such as lavender, heather or ivy; native species that need little care, in addition to being plants with a spectacular aroma, which will also help you to repel mosquitoes and other insects from your outdoor space. 

6.- Add some design planters 

Next to the lawn, planters bring brightness, light and color to the garden. Therefore, placing these elements or decorative accessories in the garden will help you create an enviable tropical climate.

7.- Protect yourself with bioclimatic awnings and canopies

Pergolas and awnings become your allies to protect yourself from the sun and summer rains. Do not forget to add a mobile cover in your garden to get an outdoor space to measure, you can take advantage even in less hot days. 

Any of these opening elements through pivoting aluminum slats, fully automated, become a suitable solution to create any shaded area. In addition, its manufacturing material protects us from UV rays, but also works as a terrace umbrella suitable to protect us from the rain. 

8.- Wall fountains for patios

Decorative fountains are indispensable elements in zen style patios. Placing these accessories that relate water with the environment are the latest trend in decorating the most exclusive outdoor patios. 

9.- The importance of outdoor lighting 

Another of the basic elements to take into account, before thinking about other complements, are the outdoor lamps. The lighting of terraces is a whole world. In fact, it will be the choice of good lighting that will make your terrace shine in the evening evenings with friends and family. 

Using pendant and adjustable lamps, as well as different ambient lights, will give us the opportunity to have the table well lit and in a natural way.

10.- Decorate your garden in harmony with the rest of your house

The design of contemporary houses contemplates decorating a designer garden in the same decorative line as your interior rooms. Do not forget the aesthetic guidelines that define your home and find the perfect balance between colors, materials, textures and shapes. 

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Cómo decorar un jardín de diseño - Molins Design