How to decorate a small bathroom to get the most out of it?


Turn the shortage of space into your best ally! Learn with Molins Design how to decorate a small bathroom in the most elegant way and without losing functionality. We give you some ideas to see how easy it can be to turn your bathroom into your personal oasis.

Cómo decorar un baño pequeño
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If a room does not have the square meters we would like, we must at least make it beautiful, modern and functional. This is the premise that from Molins Design we propose for the design of small bathrooms. Because, although our bathroom does not have the useful meters that we would like, we can also turn it into a room of the most aesthetic and practical. As long as we learn to make good use of the available space.

In today’s article we present some of our best ideas for decorating and making the most of a small bathroom. Stay to discover our tips! We explain everything you need to keep in mind to create the most modern and sophisticated small bathroom you’ve ever seen.

Design of mini bathrooms

Faced with a small bathroom, there are many decorative challenges that we can face. However, even if the square meters are scarce, it is not impossible to create a beautiful and functional bathroom design, which has nothing to envy to larger bathrooms.

As a general rule, bathroom designs for modern homes usually include large-format porcelain material, hanging furniture and other basic decorative elements such as mirrors, which help to improve the feeling of spaciousness. However, these are not the only keys to making small bathroom decorations succeed and shine with their own light. The color tone of the walls, having a bathtub or shower, the type of faucets or storage accessories included in the room also influence its interior design.

Remember that in mini bathrooms the distribution of space is also important (and very important). For this reason, and in order to get the most out of it, it is important to create a scale plan showing all the elements of the bathroom. This will help us to define what we have and what we should change or improve. For example, we will be able to see if the location of the door, the water outlets and the plugs is correct. Also if the bathtub is taking up too much space and, therefore, we should have the alternative of a shower tray, etc. Paying attention to all these elements will be essential for the final design of our bathroom to be adequate, even if we have little space to make it elegant and functional.

Ideas for decorating a small bathroom

Next, we will take a short walk through the latest trends in bathrooms and we will list, in detail, some ideas for small bathrooms.

Furniture and accessories that we recommend you to include in the design of your custom bathroom to make the most of the space and finally become the most modern, comfortable and functional room in the house. Take note!

Small bathrooms, light colors

The sinks or toilets of small space cry out for the use of light and neutral colors. Therefore, white is usually the star hue for the walls of a bathroom. This chromatism helps to improve the feeling of spaciousness and brings a fresh and clean air to the room, creating as a whole that comfortable and calm atmosphere that we all crave and need to relax during a good bath.

Sliding doors, the great allies

To decorate a small bathroom, many people think of sliding doors. The truth is that these elements to separate rooms are ideal for not wasting an inch of space.

Thanks to these elements we save the opening space needed by a classic door and gain a few more centimeters to add other elements inside the bathroom. So, we recommend that you include a sliding door in your sink, if what you want is that it seems bigger.

A large designer mirror

Mirrors help to improve the feeling of spaciousness. Therefore, they become the essential decorative element to decorate a small bathroom.

You can follow the trend of round sink mirrors, as they will help you create harmony with the rest of the spaces. Although, if you prefer, you can opt for larger mirrors and place them in front of the window, so that they also reflect natural light.

Mix of natural materials

Dare to mix different textures and materials to achieve dynamism in your bathroom. We are used to seeing the combination of marble and natural stone in the most classic washbasins. But nowadays, bathroom designs that combine natural materials such as wood with other elements of stainless steel or golden metals are gaining ground.

There is also a certain predilection for the use of natural fibers. These materials can be found in various fashionable bathroom accessories, such as wicker baskets for storing towels.

Auxiliary bathroom cabinets

Decorating small bathrooms is no easy task! Often, the main problem we have with the storage capacity. If the available space is scarce, it will be difficult to place all our personal hygiene items inside the sink. Therefore, we must include small furniture and even consider the possibility of creating custom-made furniture for washbasins.

For those who do not want to spend a lot of money or prefer to avoid the works at all costs, cabinets or auxiliary shelves can become your best ally. Nowadays, there are all kinds of them, with colors and finishes that can perfectly match the style of your home.

Wall hooks for hanging

You can take advantage of the wall that separates the vanity from the shower to optimize the space and add some wall hooks to hang towels, bathrobe or any piece of clothing. These easy to find and install elements will be the perfect solution to increase the storage space in your bathroom.

Glass shower enclosures

Having a glass shower enclosure without profiles in the shower is key! Clear screens help separate the shower from the sink. But they also enhance the feeling of spaciousness in the bathroom.

For example, when someone enters the bathroom, they won’t have the feeling of being in a narrow, compartmentalized space. That is, the glass partition will make the space multiply and the room seem much larger than it really is.

In addition, the light tones help to reflect the light better and provide greater luminosity to the room. Something that is also essential for when we make up, comb our hair or even to perform the task of shaving.

The trend for continuous floors

Give your bathroom flooring the attention it deserves. If you have a small bathroom, it might be a good idea not to have any partitions between the shower and the rest of the space. In that case, think about continuous floors, those that run throughout the bathroom with a small slope for drainage. In this way, you will create a uniform and visually wider space.

Cómo decorar un baño pequeño
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Cómo decorar un baño pequeño


Finally… Remember that, to decorate a small bathroom, less is more. Go for simplicity and do not saturate the space with all kinds of decorations. Keep things to a minimum and let the main elements personalize your bathroom.