How to design a kitchen with a central island


For functionality, for aesthetics or to make better use of the available space. Have you thought about changing your kitchen? We’ll explain how to design a kitchen with a central island taking into account some tips to keep in mind regarding organization, style and materials used.

Enjoy a modern, comfortable kitchen with total freedom of movement! 

Diseñar una cocina con isla central
Diseñar una cocina con is

What is a central kitchen island?

A central kitchen island is a real revolution in the idea of “kitchen”, as it fits into the concept of the open kitchen, understood as an open space where you can do much more than just prepare food.

The kitchen island is a tullet (sometimes it also incorporates a hotplate or a sink) that is strategically placed at the central point of the kitchen so that we can comfortably turn 360 degrees around it and that facilitates the tasks that are usually carried out in this space. 

The kitchen islands, besides being really functional for our daily life, serve to connect the kitchen area with the living room. In the same way, they also merge the dining table with the dining table and add an ideal space for eating, cooking… and also for entertaining!

Another interesting point that may lead us to consider the installation of a kitchen island is that they provide better visibility and allow us to check at all times what is happening in the rest of the house.

In this way, we can keep a better eye on the children while we prepare dinner, or make dinner while our friends are with us having a snack.

Cocina con
Cocina con isla central
Cocina con isla central

The concept of the work triangle

The work triangle is one of the fundamental aspects that we must always keep in mind when designing a kitchen with a central hatch.

One of the key points of modern kitchens with a central kitchen island is that they allow better maneuverability in daily tasks. To take better advantage of their functionality, we can establish different work triangles around the tray.

For example, between the cooking area, the sink and the refrigerator. Three elements that usually go hand in hand. If we move to other corners of the kitchen, we can establish new work triangles, such as the oven (or microwave), the freezer and the tauldron.

The combination of the three points makes it possible that we have everything at hand and that it becomes a much more functional space. 

If you have a kitchen of many square meters, the triage of the type of kitchen sink will not be a big problem, while if it is small, you can choose a more basic model, less square (they take up more space) and more circular. 

Cocina con isla central

What materials should be used for the central ring?

Although it is usual that the chair adapts to the predominant aesthetics of the kitchen and is usually built with the same materials as the rest of the environment, sometimes it is also used to create contrast with the rest of the furniture. It is up to you to choose the first or the second option.

Marble looks great in the central islands of the kitchens and can be combined with wood or wood drums. With it you will obtain a luxurious and elegant result.

If you prefer more minimalist and simple designs, you can opt for wood and straight lines. If you love the rustic style, you can use a combination of wood and stone. And if you like to innovate, why not try the hexagonal or oval style?

Your kitchen will give off dynamism and modernity!