How to plan a garden renovation? Ideas and inspiration


Enjoying a home with outdoor spaces has become a luxury. Get inspired by some of our garden renovations: exclusive designs, decorations and accessories.

With summer just around the corner, patios and gardens take on special importance. Many homeowners take advantage of the arrival of good weather to consider a reform in the garden, which involves a big change in the house and bring exclusivity to your home.  

In Molins Design we have worked on different renovation projects for outdoor gardens; spaces that are designed and decorated with special care and affection, and that exponentially increase the value of a house. Therefore, today’s article is dedicated to all those houses with modern, beautiful and elegant patios that we have renovated. 

In the following lines we talk about the initial approach we made before the integral reform of outdoor gardens and highlight the key factors to achieve home and garden projects of the most exclusive. Finally, we finish by giving you some ideas to improve your garden for the summer season.

Reforma jardín integral - Molins Design
Reforma jardín integral - Molins Design

Garden renovation: What should you consider before doing it?

Is your yard not cared for and its layout is totally chaotic? If so, we can conclude that your patio is a lifeless outdoor space. To enjoy it to the maximum, it would be convenient to carry out an integral reform in it; to initiate a project that allows you to extend the house towards the outside, thus taking advantage of the whole garden to have meals with friends, to relax sunbathing in a hammock or even to have a small organic garden at home.

But, before getting down to work, you must be very clear about the three factors that directly affect the reform of a garden: 

1.- The use to be given to the garden

To achieve a good outdoor garden design it is vital to know what future uses we are going to give it. Do you want a patio equipped with a kitchen to enjoy meals with friends or family? Or do you prefer to design a garden with a pool in the purest minimalist style? Think very well what style and decoration you want to add to your outdoor space. This will mark, from start to finish, the garden reform. 

2.- The time to be devoted to its maintenance

When a garden is totally neglected, we stop using it. Therefore, it is very important to know that our outdoor space will need different cleaning and maintenance jobs. Those who love to interact with the garden on a daily basis and also have the time to do so, carrying out these cleaning tasks will not be an effort. If, on the other hand, you are one of those people who do not have enough time to dedicate to your garden and do not know the care it needs, perhaps you should opt for a simpler and simpler garden design.  

3.- The time of the year in which we want to make the reform

Before starting the project it is important to know the timming of completion, that is, when you want the garden renovation to be finished. The best time of the year to renovate an outdoor space of this type is autumn. Doing it at this time of the year will allow you to have it ready and in perfect condition for the summer, which is usually the time of greatest use.

4.- Request the corresponding building permit

If you are going to pave an area, build a swimming pool, erect a fixed pergola or set up a shed on a concrete slab, you will need to apply for the corresponding permit from the local council.

5.- The maximum budget you wish to spend

Last but not least, it is essential to set the maximum budget we want to spend on the reform of the garden. The reform for outdoor spaces can be very expensive. So, from Molins Design we recommend you to determine the budget to avoid going out of it and avoid unpleasant surprises at the end of the reform project. 

How to make an integral reform in the garden?

Every project or new design for garden renovation is tailor-made. Therefore, no two outdoor garden designs are the same. Even so, there are certain steps that are shared in each of our interventions. Below we list them for you: 

Clearing and leveling the ground 

Garden renovations begin with a reconnaissance of the land. It is vital to leave the plot free of obstacles in order to work it efficiently. In this first phase it is also important to prepare the containers that will be needed to collect the debris. 

Install irrigation and electricity

Even in the garden, it is not advisable to skimp on light points. We must locate them correctly, as well as the hydrants to connect the hose and access all areas of the garden. 

Paving the surfaces with the most traffic 

The paving of a garden is essential to make it easier and more comfortable to walk on it. Nowadays, there are infinite materials and coatings for terraces. We recommend you to take a look at them and choose the products that best match your style and your needs. 

Decorating with taste and being practical 

There are several ideas for decorating a modern garden, although the most interesting decoration will be the one that fits our needs and combines perfectly with the style of our home. In any case, remember to provide a comfortable, functional and comfortable decoration to ensure success. 

Reforma jardín integral - Molins Design

Ideas to improve your garden

Before we finish, here are some of our best ideas to improve your garden for spring/summer: 

Recover the importance of the lawn

The lawn, whether natural or artificial, bring us the warmth and that touch of naturalness that we all need to feel free. In the reform of the garden, do not forget to give it the importance it deserves. 

Add design planters

Along with the lawn, planters bring brightness, light and color to the garden. Therefore, placing these elements or decorative accessories in the garden will help you create an enviable tropical climate.

Choose functional outdoor furniture

Tables, chairs, sofas, hammocks… Count on different terrace furniture to achieve an outdoor space as comfortable and practical as the interior spaces of your home. Do not forget to combine them with the rest of the house, so that the decoration is a success. 

Create a shaded space

If you have enough space, you can equip the garden with pergolas, sheds or pools, which will turn them into small paradises. These elements will protect you from inclement weather, so you can enjoy your outdoor space whether the weather is good or not. 

Think about decorative pools and fountains

Avoid leaving empty spaces as they will denote neglect and abandonment. If they exist, we recommend you to use the design of decorative pools or fountains. The sound produced by the water will create an outdoor space in total harmony. 

Include original lighting

Try to create magical spaces both at night and during the day. Create original decorations that represent you, keeping in mind that indirect light always gives an unbeatable touch of warmth.

Organize and distribute the spaces in your garden

Remember that having a well-designed and organized garden is the basis of any single-family home. One of the points in favor to equip our house with amenities, luxury and comfort during the spring and summer.

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