Ideas to make a small foyer look bigger


Discover the furniture and ornaments for foyer that will make the entrance to your home a more spacious, functional and exclusive space

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There are many homeowners who overlook the entrance spaces to their home. As a general rule, small hallways tend to flood most homes, forgetting in many cases the possibilities offered by those few extra meters to order and design a stylish home. 

Over the years, but also due to the emergence of new trends in interior design, the receivers have been losing strength. In fact, in many loft-style homes, these entrance spaces are blurred, becoming passage spaces that connect directly to the living room. 

However, we cannot forget that foyers become our best letter of introduction, being the first space that friends and family visit when entering our home. Therefore, it is a mistake not to give them the attention they deserve.

The decoration of the hall is as important as any other room in our home. Therefore, today we come loaded with the best ideas for decorating small entrances; the most interesting trends and the latest in receivers, to make the most of this first room of our home. 

If you think your small hall lacks more than just meters, take note of Molins Design’s tips to increase its functionality and charm. Get a cool entrance and turn it into the favorite space of your home! 

Types of foyers

There are different types of foyers, from the largest to small or utilitarian foyers. Below, we explain the most common types of foyers, their characteristics and suitability to the space: 

1.- Large foyers

Spaces that act as an intermediate step between our intimacy and the world beyond the door. We are talking about a type of independent hall, which has enough space to welcome our guests with furniture of all kinds and charming decorations. These entrance spaces also serve as a strategic point to leave the keys when entering the house, to add small decorative spaces or even to store coats or umbrellas, etc.

Recibidor grande
Recibidor grande

2.- Hallways for small spaces

This kind of foyers are the most abundant. Most modern homes have a small and narrow hall, we would like to reform to gain space at home. Although small and elongated foyers also predominate, with a larger entrance hallway. They are arranged floating furniture or some shelves for optimal decoration and functionality. 

Ideas decoración recibidor pequeño - Molins Design
Ideas decoración recibidor pequeño - Molins Design

3.- Decorative mini hall

They become one more ornamental detail of our home, a space created to welcome our guests and surprise them. Decorative foyers do not have a specific purpose or functionality beyond being a mere decorative whim. Here the available space is not so important, but its decoration and the chosen ornaments. 

Remember! The ideas chosen for a small and narrow hall will not be the same as the decoration for a larger hall. Its decoration will be different, depending on what kind of hall we have at home, but also on its distribution within the space.


Hall decorativo
Hall decorativo
Hall decorativo

Ideas for decorating small entrances

Do you want to get a modern and functional hallway? Would you like to take advantage of every millimeter of the entrance to your home? Do not get frustrated thinking that you do not have enough space to make an exclusive and beautiful hall in your home. For Molins Design, the lack of meters is not an impediment to create useful and stylish rooms. 

Here, we explain how to decorate a small entrance to make it more practical and charming. Take note of our ideas and create the hallway you’ve always dreamed of having. We hope our decorative proposals will inspire you!

Light and multifunctional furniture

Furniture for small entrances should be custom-made to make the most of the available space. We advise you to have cabinets or multifunctional furniture, that is, that can act as a shoe rack, coat rack, shelf and even as a dressing table. Cabinets of this type are the great allies of small hallways, as are light and practical consoles. These last models for entrances to the home offer an indispensable support surface, adding extra storage space in our hallway. 

If your hall or home entrance is located in a corner, don’t forget to have a corner hall closet. You will take full advantage of the available space, in addition to offering life and color to the dead spaces in your hall. 

In any case, remember not to clutter your hallway with furniture and cabinets. The maxim of more is less takes special importance in the decoration of hallways with little space. 

Shelves or shelves for hallway 

Shelves or wall-hung pieces offer that extra space that any small foyer needs. Combined in different heights, these design elements function as a support for books, photographs or even designer lamps. 

Many homeowners take advantage of the space under the shelves to place a seat or pouf in the hallway to put on their shoes before leaving the house. Don’t you think it’s a comfortable and practical idea? 

Rugs to delimit the space 

So that your hall does not become the typical passage area, you can place a carpet to give it the importance it deserves. This decorative element will give that touch of style and personality that you are looking for the entrance to your home, as well as bring majesty to the space.  

If you opt for this decorative idea for hallways, remember to choose a textile that is easy to clean and maintain in good condition. We can not forget that a hall supports the entry and exit of several people a day.

Entrance hall with mirror 

To make a small hall seem bigger it is essential to choose a mirror as a decorative accessory. This piece will help to expand the entrance room to your home, as well as enhance the feeling of depth and light. It will also become the star decorative element of your hall, being the ornament that we will use the most to check our outfit before leaving home. Nowadays, metallic mirrors in black and gold are the latest trend for modern hallways. 

Play with wall colors 

If you are looking for a different hall and fresh atmosphere, dare to play with the colors of the wall. We are passionate about foyers painted in light and warm tones, as they are ideal for creating spacious, comfortable and natural spaces. Nude tones are on trend, as well as white, cream and beige. 

Clean and bright lighting 

Finally, try to have light as soon as you open the door of the house. It is very important to focus the lighting where it is needed, to give the importance and warmth that a unique design hall deserves. Also, if you can combine ceiling lamps or recessed spotlights with natural light, all the better. 

Ideas decoración recibidor pequeño - Molins Design
Ideas decoración recibidor pequeño - Molins Design