Inspirations of the luxury interior designers in Barcelona


Art could be that exercise of reinventing the reality, of renewing what has already been created and in the case of interior design is no less. Every creator is inspired by something already seen, on something that has remained in the eye, being aware of it or not.

As an interior design studio in Barcelona, ​​we have the almost obligation to know where our inspirations come from and what we can learn from our teachers, so that day by day we can offer innovative, avant-garde and, of course, professional solutions of the best quality.

What are the inspirations of the luxury interior designers in Barcelona?


This question has lot of answers, but we will focus on a tour passing by the work of 5 famous architects and interior designers who are clear references for their career, taste and global recognition. From them we have seen the best and most famous interventions.

Some of them specialize in luxury architecture, others in luxury home interiors and others, more specific, create luxury furniture also for their customers. From our interior design studio in Barcelona we are going to review and in some way a tribute in life to these artists, with the intention that you can go deeper into their work and find your favorite, we have it clear;)

So without further ado, let’s get into the matter.

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Christian Liagre


Considered an icon of French design, he began to be recognized in the decade of the 80’s, especially for its timeless aesthetic and simple style, works a lot with wood and marble. He also ventured with the product, creating the popular Nagato stool.

He is currently based in Paris, with more than 20 showrooms scattered throughout Europe. He continues leading important projects of luxury homes, hotels and restaurants among others.


Kelly Hoppen 


One of the most recognized interior designers in England. Although she was born in South Africa, her entire career has been developed in Great Britain. Her style could be defined as clean with precise lines. It is also defined by its peculiar way of contrasting textures with neutral tones, achieving elegant spaces and, in certain occasions, dramatic style.

Her clients, like the Beckham or Sienna Miller, highlight his impeccable way of working and the high degree of personalization.


Philippe Starck


French designer who does not require any presentation. It defines itself as subversive, ethical, ecological, political and fun, but above all as a constant creator. His leitmotiv is that all creation must make life better to as many people as possible.

His long and renowned career as an interior architect and designer led him to be the first French invited to the famous TED talks. We could then define Stark as a man who has revolutionized and marked a before and after in the world of design, and that surely will always remain a reference.


Ilse Crawford


Founder of Studioilse located in London, is another of the women whose name expands internationally in the field of interior architecture and interior design. Designer, creative director and academic focuses her work on the human being and their needs, creating environments where we feel comfortable, especially when talking about public spaces.

She is also founder of the Department of Man and Welfare at the Design Academy of Eindhoven, where she expands her philosophy and how her work improves the quality of life of those who enjoy it.


Conran and partners


Following along the same lines, Conran and Partners is driven by the impulse to improve the quality of life of people, creating spaces where being in them is a pleasure and a welcoming place to give communities the opportunity to prosper.

Its headquarters is located in the British capital and was founded by Sir. Terence Orby Conran, designer, restorer and writer. He had a very important role in the regeneration of the Shad Thames area of London, next to the Tower Bridge and that includes the Design Museum.

Luxury home interiors

Luxury is an option for many of our clients. Luxury does not mean splurge or waste at all costs to prove. From our interior design studio in Barcelona, ​​we relate luxury to extreme comfort, to the desire to obtain the best quality in everything that arises.

So we can ensure that in many of our projects we are luxury interior designers in Barcelona, ​​offering the best finishes and materials.

As for our inspirations, they all make up a select group of designers that serve us well as luxury interior designers to inspire us and innovate as interior decorators in Barcelona.

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Luxury interior designers Barcelona Kelly Hoppen
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Luxury interior designers Barcelona Philippe Starck
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