Interior decoration and water at home; ways to integrate it


We keep talking about exteriors and interior decoration, in this case about fountains and the water presence at home, specially on urban homes. Often, living our stressfully lifes of jobs and movement at the city we forget about basics elements from our existence, like the five natural elements; fire, soil, metal, water and wood. Athough we’ll focalize in water, highly present in our lifes, if you pay attention the other 4th elements are really present too in decorating. That’s for some reason.

Well, water, apart from indispensable for live, as a relax element it could contribute to much to our garden. It could be present in a fountain way, pond, waterfall or a lake. In any form, it will provide a modern and elegant point, despite having his origins in Romanticism and Zen currents, who consider the water as necessary for rumination, actually, with all of new designs and infinity forms, it’s possible to introduce this values as the same time that provides to our decoration an extra point. Specially because contributes to the vitality and freshness.

Once we know what kind of space we’ll use for the water in our garden or terrace, it’s very important to know how to attach. A great idea it’s to use stones, in diferents forms and colours if it’s your wish. We all know that water have a lot of strenght by itself, but joined with more elements it gains beauty and completes in a perfect way.

And as always we say, this kind of constructions can’t be done random, especially in water terms, because you can suffer filtrations and humidities if you not implement well the necessary systems. That’s because you should ask for our services, we’ll bring the experience and you’ll be sure that in a future everything it would be right. So if this year you’re still without water in home, it’s time to think about next year, to be on time for spring and summer.