Interior decorators; show your terraces!


We love summer! More than ever when our holidays arrive too. That means free time. Summer have this special thing that takes you to reunite with your loved people at night, talking and enjoying of this nice weather. And because our interior decorators conditions, we need to stay comfortable and in a good ambient too.

For that, it’s important the place, and if we have table outside in our home, we have a lot. We just need to know how to distribute and decorate the space, as thinking about some technic aspects.

Starting from general terms, it’s trendy to have exterior spaces but closed in some way, or at least, with the posibility to close. One of the best opions it’s to close by glasses, where we create doors and windows. Those, it can open and close according to our needs. These closures are encased in stainless steel structures resistant to different weather conditions. We get thus create useful spaces for the whole year.

If we focus on exterior materials we choose, there is no decalogue to say which are the best, but yes some recommendations as to how they should be these. For tight spaces for example, opting for folding and stackable furniture will help to save space. And although we have a large terrace, another perfect quality for outdoor furniture is not too heavy.

There are other aspects, such as lighting and decoration, we must not forget. Above all lighting it is basic, since there is to consider that these spaces are often given them much use at night. Use adjustable hanging lamps and lights different environment, we will have the table set for well lit and in a natural way. As for the decor, as always, it is a completely free look and a choice of oneself, but it is a very good idea to have the advice and experience of interior decorators😉