Interior design and decorative water fountains

Decorative fountains at home | Molinns Design Interior Designers
Water decorative fountain at home | Molins Design Interior Designers

We continue talking about exteriors, this time about decorative water fountains and the presence of water in its different forms. Don’t you know how to integrate them into your home? Quiet, in today’s post we will give you some tips to install garden fountains, especially in urban areas.


Why decorative water fountains?

Decorative water fountains are elements that bring different feelings to our decoration projects, whether in homes or offices. In other words, font design creates a positive energy typical of natural environments.

From Molins Design we like to include decorative water fountains in our decoration projects. The reasons are many. These help us create terraces with style and provide us with many advantages, starting with the aesthetic sense that it gives us to any home.

The structure itself of the fountain can be a unifying element between the different decorative elements of a room. But at the same time, it can become a contrast counterpoint. Either way, the fountains for decoration are a great opportunity to give an extra to our home.

This type of sources can be in exterior or interior environments, although usually, due to space and coherence, they are usually located in exterior environments. For this reason, it is much more logical to find them in gardens, attic terraces or any decoration of outdoor terraces.

Materials and decoration of outdoor terraces


Once we know what kind of space we are going to devote to water in our garden or terrace, it is also important to know how to accompany it.

A very good idea is to make use of stones, of different shapes and colors, if desired. But, above all, complement it with plants and flowers that embrace this space. Well, if the water itself has a lot of strength, accompanied by more elements, it gains even more beauty and completes it perfectly.

And, as we always tell you, even if we repeat ourselves a little, this type of ‘constructions’ cannot be done at random. Above all, in this case, since it is water and runs the risk of filtration and humidity if the necessary systems are not well implemented.

So, with our work and our experience, you will get what you were projecting with the complete assurance that it will not lead to problems in the future. So, if this year you have not decided yet and you are going to spend the summer without water in your homes, you already have homework back home. So that next spring and summer you can enjoy all the qualities we have commented!