Interior design and pantries


The word pantry comes from the Latin dispensa, neutral form and participle of the participle dispensus (distributed, supplied with order)

Provisioning is at your expense, but the interior design and distribution is one of our specialties. In many of our latest interior design projects we have had the pleasure of designing and carrying out different types of pantries. All of them, correctly isolated to keep food fresh and versatile in terms of storable food.

When we have a few meters closer to the kitchen, and we can build a pantry, it becomes a space more than a simple storage room. It is also a personal and unique space, since depending on the tastes of each one and the type of drinks or food stored, it must have one structure or another. So surely there is no pantry like another.

Despite the particularity of each, in general terms are usually equipped with shelves, bars, hangers, racks, baskets … among other accessories. Depending on the space we have, we can also have areas for food handling.

Wood and stainless steel are two good materials for the construction of these. Both for its aesthetic, more natural, as for the maintenance of the products. Another important aspect, beyond materials, is lighting.

In addition to the general light of the room, in some cases we have placed some small LED bars inside the cupboards and racks, to eliminate the shadows and to have everything visually within reach.

If we have the space for it, the pantry should be almost mandatory. The correct way to preserve food and, in turn, an oxygen valve for the kitchen.