Interior design in suites


What do we consider for a good interior design in suites? We focus today on these majestic rooms. Today within the reach of many, despite the fact that once was a complete luxury.

Complete suite design | Molins Design interior designers

If we think about the concept of suite, especially traditionally and from the perspective of an interior designer, we think of a room that integrates a bathroom. While this definition is correct, nowadays the interior designs of suites go beyond this. They are fully integrated spaces, where the rest area and the bathroom / changing room come together in the same space and style.

Traditionally, we design suites and bedrooms for luxury apartments, hotels and design rooms. However, a good layout of our room can convert all kinds of rooms into designer bedrooms. That is, the classic room with dressing room and bathroom.

Interior design in suites can be established from the beginning or take advantage of some intervention to create it. This situation is very common when the home undergoes changes in terms of its inhabitants. In other words, when for example the minors in the home are emancipated and we have available spaces that they previously occupied.

This is a time where changes are made, and creating a suite is one of them highly recommended. Let’s see the reasons!


Design of suites and bedrooms | Molins Design Interior designers

Why opt for a suite? Interior decorating tips

In the first place, because it gives the marriage room a much more complete functionality and with more play for luxury decoration. For the comfort offered by having all this in the same space and for the separation of rooms within the same space. To do this, and already entering into conceptual details, there are several elements that coincide in the suites.

Warm or cold bedroom light

There is an indispensable element that turns out the light. Not only as we propose it, but as we make it play with the use of mirrors. It is important to achieve the balance of warmth and good visibility.

In this sense, a clear trend of recent times is to place dressers with illuminated retro mirrors, as a dressing room mirrors. It is widely used to use it as a makeup mirror and the last arrangements before leaving home.

In terms of light temperatures, warm light is always used in luxury bedrooms or suites. At all times we seek spaces for relaxation and rest. However, when we go to the bathroom area, where white light is always located, we can continue to use it.

On the one hand it will help to separate zones and, on the other, to perfectly illuminate areas that need clarity.

The distribution in suites and luxury rooms

In terms of structure, despite the fact that everything is combined in the same space, due to hygienic and privacy issues, the bathing area is usually minimally removed. Either with a glass separator, behind a wall or with a tempered glass door, for example. This correctly separates the rooms, without creating two separate spaces. The shower tray is usually removed in the same way, while in the case of the bathtub, in the last interventions we have made, we have placed it as the protagonist of the room. In the case of creating suites with jacuzzi, it is located in the center of the bedroom or in a very visible place. It is understood that the bathtub or jacuzzi is a more than useful relaxing element, so its location is more than justified.

However, in general terms, creating a suite has the great advantage of freestyle. Starting from the base of a few meters available you can create wonders in every way; comfort, design and functionality.