Interior stair design (Our Work Reflections)


Although we already had the plans, they say that the first impression is what counts. What we did not know is that we would finish this project with what we could call a master in interior stair design.


We still remember when we were heading to a property where we had high hopes of finding it full of possibilities. Its location, especially by height, is very unusual for us. It is a magnificent apartment on Diagonal Mar, on the 26th floor of one of the buildings facing the sea that make up this renovated Barcelona area.



Diseño de escaleras interiores

The client: luxury interior design Barcelona

It is always interesting that you meet the client to understand the subsequent decisions. It was a foreign executive who frequents Barcelona as a city of rest, and for this, he had this luxury apartment, surrounded by other houses with sea views. Interior design, luxury and Barcelona were the three labels to keep in mind throughout the project.

Although he had a clear and concise objective, in the first meetings he sent us his questions and needs. These meetings serve as a first approximation to the final idea, but above all as a brain ’brainstorming’ ’. That is, an intense brainstorming, where aesthetic and technical aspects of interior design and decoration are discussed. After all, some initial recommendations and analysis that are expected when hiring an interior designer.

As a summary, the client gave us a series of needs that we had to order. To number a few, he asked us for example to change radiators for underfloor heating, divide spaces without walls and obtain a large design suite.

Along with all these objectives, Molins Design added one more to interior architecture; reformulate the spiral staircase. In fact, in this last point the role of the intervention would finally fall.


The perfect interior stair design

We were looking for perfection, the perfect interior stair design. To do this, we moved threads with different collaborators, studied the space and measured each corner a thousand times, trying to optimize each square meter.

At its origin we found a steep staircase that, at its initial point, was just entering. So, we already had the first stumbling block! However, it was not the first time that we faced house entrances with stairs at the entrance, so it was clear that we needed a rethink.

In one of the internal meetings with our team, reviewing inspirational images, we came across a series of projects that included modern spiral staircases. Although at first it passed by, later it would become the option. Generally, these are used as solutions for stairs with little space, but this time we turned it around and made it the main element.

Changing the stairs of a duplex seems complicated, since a priori it is the structuring element and on which the script of general design is based. Despite being like this, also in this case, it worked for us to modify its verticality and turn it into a sculptural element. We could already glimpse the image of the owner going down the stairs with a glass railing while the light falls on them and plays according to the time of day.

It was then that we made our choice: one of those stairs with natural light, in another of those houses with sea views. What a stage!


diseño de escaleras interiores | Molins Design intrioristas
Diseño escalera vidrio | Molins Design interioristas
Diseño de inetriores con escalera | Molins Design interioristas

Beyond interior stair design

Once this point was solved and underway, we had to shore up the rest of the house, trying to make all its spaces have their functionality and fit into the aesthetic script. It was time to enter the land of the common spaces, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms and the decoration of the duplex.

The design suite

As we were designing this space we realized the importance of locating its different service areas in one place or another. Given its height, the views and the overwhelming entrance of light.

For this design suite we opted to divide spaces without walls, thus distributing the entrance of light throughout your space. For the private areas of the bathroom, glass panels were placed to separate rooms. With these two decisions we maintained all of its initial advantages, but with a completely new distribution of interior architecture.

The value of creating modern kitchens

Without a doubt, one of the peculiarities of this project was to rethink the design of the kitchen. The client told us that they were not used to cooking, so the concept changed completely and was closer to that of a bar than a kitchen.

For this reason, the kitchens with a bar should be our inspiration; no stove, no workspaces, and just a few storage locations.

These determining factors became creative advantages for our interior design and decoration studio department. Well, having more space we could study many more possibilities, especially aesthetics. The end result resembled one of those XL hotel suites, so we couldn’t be more pleased.

The delivery by Molins Design

As we have already mentioned, the client traveled to Barcelona for short periods and with time millimeter. It was like this also during the different site visits, so it was an exercise as a study of interior design and decoration to return that confidence as a result and accomplished deadlines. That’s how it went.

Of course, as in all sectors, we had little doubts if everything planned and accepted off-plan would convince the client. However, our pleasant surprise was when we opened the door and observed the final result. It was a magical moment.

The light entered in diagonals on the stair railing. Also, the sofas on the left remained perfectly positioned, as if they were somehow forming for their new tenant.

Beyond the poetic charge that he transmitted to us, the client flooded us with humanity. Without taking a single step forward, he turned towards us and we melted into a heartfelt hug. Without a doubt, for those of you who dedicate yourself to this sector, you know that it is not usual.

Despite our lack of habit to these situations in our work environment, one realizes that at the end of the day these are the moments that one keeps in memory, and curiously, forgets all the difficulties that preceded that moment.

In short, a project that began with the design of interior stairs and ended with a beautiful relationship, which we maintain today.