Interview with Toni Molins interior designer and founder of Molins Design

Toni Molins interior designer portrait | Molins Design interior designers

“In 1979, Toni Molins interior designer and profesional decorator, founded together with his husband Joan Molins the Molins Design studio”.

The main center of her professional career is a professional environment that leads the interior design sector in Barcelona. A study with personality and perspective, the result of her passion and self-taught, sophisticated and elegant spirit.

Toni thinks every day many possibilities of decoration and innovation in projects that pass through her hands. Always moving, attentive and passionate about the details, this interior architect does not give a chance to the improvisation and is dedicated entirely to her creations. But how does she relax?

She has opened the doors of her home. A mirror that reflects the history of her life, from his childhood to of his children childhood too, who have grown up in this house of 400m2. Reformed, to accommodate the residence and work space.

What does it means for an interior designer a swimming pool like this, Toni?


The house has outdoor spaces and there is a pool that is a small oasis in the city. To have the possibility of having this own space, discreet, to enjoy with friends and family is a pleasure, that our children and now also our grandchildren enjoy.

The truth is that it gives us a lot of energy during good weather, we use it to go out and do gymnastics and have breakfast. As Joan is passionate about gardening, he is responsible of caring the plants.

Toni Molins swimming pool| Molins Design interior designers
Garden and swimming pool of Toni Molins | Molins Design interior designers

How do you distributed the interior of the home? 


There are different parts. In one of the two floors, we just have access to the hall. The orange colors provide warmth and combine perfectly with the tapestry of the armchair, which emerges from the chromatic painting of Agustí Puig’s painting on the walls, to give it a bold touch

On the ground floor there are several rooms: a courtesy bath, the office corner, the kitchen, one of the two lounges, and the main suite. The first living room is basically the “receive” room, we use it on special occasions like Christmas.

Is it more complicated to choose the furniture for your own home than for a client?


It’s complicated, yes. Your home is a very important part where your way of life is reflected. And in my case, in this house we have been living three generations of Molins. We have inherited about 40 years ago and we reform it according to our situation at that time.

Talking about the furniture, we combine mostly contemporary designed furniture, along with antique pieces that we have acquired over the years.

Toni Molins and Juan home couch | Molins Design interior designers
Toni Molins interior designer home hall | Molins design interior designers
Home Interior designs | Molins Design interior designers

I think that the interior designer and as the woman who opens her home door today shares affinities, isn’t?


Partly yes. I always look for space to welcome and provide relaxation. And in my house could not be less. I am not a fan of extravagances and in my projects we find warm and serene colors, as you can see. By the way, i always try to give some nuances or points of color with some elements.

My house style does not reflect the type of interventions we carry out in our study. In our house we have several antiques and pieces that we have been acquiring over the years and of which I do not want to leave because of their emotional value.

Nowadays that you have your sons emancipated, how do you manage the conciliation of your personal and professional live?


The fact of having the studio together with the house in the same building is dangerous because it provides many logistical facilities in day to day, but at the same time it sometimes costs to disconnect personal and work life .

As an interior designer, what satisfies you more as a professional?  


A part de la satisfacció d’haver finalitzat un treball ben executat, quan concloem un projecte i el client ens crida i ens diu “què bé ens sentim en aquesta casa!” és quan penso que hem aconseguit l’objectiu principal del nostre treball. És el millor afalac que poden dedicar-nos, doncs crec que el fonamental a l’hora d’entrar en el teu habitatge, és respirar i sentir-se bé, a gust amb l’espai que t’envolta.

Apart from the satisfaction of having finished a job well executed, when we conclude a project and the client calls us and tells us “how good we feel in this house!” Is when I think we have achieved the main objective of our work. It is the best please that they can dedicate to us, because I believe that the fundamental thing to do when entering your home is to breathe and feel good.

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